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Sun ~ Mercury ~ Pluto

Sun ~ Mercury ~ Pluto

As the energy of our heroic Sun approaches the dark underlord Pluto, with messenger Mercury in close company, we are indoubtably preparing to encounter a remarkable individual whose dazzlingly charismatic manner seems irresistible and rather persuasive. The reality is however that the Sun forms an edgy T-square with Uranus opposite Mars, and our initial delight may quickly escalate into a fiery and distasteful confrontation.

Sun/Pluto/Mercury people are possessed of strong will-power and presence of mind. They know exactly what to do in a crisis and they’re not afraid do it. They’re both capable and ambitious. Because their drive results in success, this can eventually lead to a belief in their own greatness to an extent that they actually feel they are doing others a favor by interfering in their lives or their work.

If things seem like they’re increasingly getting out of hand in the next few days, then perhaps a drop of Vine in the mix is just the medicine. In the negative vine state a person is entirely egotistical, using his will power and energy only to strengthen his own power and standing. This is the father who is willing to give up the love of his children in exchange for their fear and subservience, or the teacher who does not allow a student to voice a differing opinion.

bach flower remedy, vine remedy, pluto sun aspects, pluto mercury aspects, sun mercury, pluto power, pluto personalityVine subtly helps to re-Mind the inner Self with the knowing that one’s forceful conviction must be tempered to create wisdom and understanding in our natural sense of leadership. Only then are we able to enjoy the companionship, friendship, and love of those around us.

Originally Published ~ 31/12/2013

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