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Neptune Aspects

Neptune goes Direct

Neptune ~ Sun

Sun sextile Neptune

Sun square Neptune

Sun trine Neptune

Sun octile Neptune

Sun trine Neptune semi square Mars

Sun Sesquisquare Neptune, Venus Sesquisquare Pluto

Sun conjunct Saturn ~ square Neptune

Sun in Sagittarius ~ quintile Neptune

Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune

Neptune on the Sun-Chiron midpoint

Neptune ~ Moon

Moon square Neptune

Moon on the Neptune ~ Jupiter midpoint

Moon square Neptune ~ Jupiter

Moon on the Venus ~ Neptune midpoint

Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune

2.Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune

Moon over Chiron and Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Gemini – square Neptune, opposite Saturn

Neptune ~ Mercury

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Mercury sextile Neptune

Mercury square Neptune square Athena

Mercury inconjunct Neptune

Mercury opposition Neptune

Mercury on the Jupiter ~ Neptune midpoint

Mars-Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury trine Node, square Neptune

Neptune ~ Venus

Venus square Neptune

Moon on the Neptune ~ Venus midpoint

Mars-Mercury Square Neptune

Venus on the Neptune ~ Saturn midpoint

2.Venus on the Saturn ~ Neptune midpoint

Neptune ~ Mars

Mars square Neptune

Mars sextile Neptune

Mars trine Node square Neptune

Mars trine Neptune ~ Semi-square Venus

Mars opposition Neptune

2. Mars opposition Neptune

3. Mars opposition Neptune

Mars-Mercury Square Neptune

Mars square Vesta, trine Neptune

Sun trine Neptune semi square Mars

Neptune ~ Jupiter

Jupiter square Neptune ~ Moon

Jupiter on the Chiron ~ Neptune midpoint

Jupiter opposition Neptune

Neptune ~ Saturn

Sun conjunct Saturn ~ square Neptune

Saturn square Neptune

Gemini Moon opposition Saturn t-square Neptune

Neptune ~ Uranus

Neptune ~ Pluto

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