Venus square Neptune

venus square neptune, venus neptune astrology, venus neptune aspects, venus neptune love affair, venus neptune delusionOne thing about this now, in amongst all this intensity of all the other stellar powers: If this is a preferred time to attract a lover, a mate, strike a perfect deal, form a dream match, then be advised…

Things could appear in two ways:
1) They may seem heightened to such a nose-bleeding high, where the potency of love in the time of adventure, fantasy and mystic reverie to dance under the spell of wild romance literally sweeps you off your feet…
…and lift you right off planet earth into the most surreal dream (and that’s all, really – just a fanciful dream)

2) This is not just a beautiful apparition. You have managed to stay super mindful of past tendencies not to get carried away with fancies about ‘twin-flames’ and ‘soulmates’ etc. and made the most concerted effort to stay gentle, kind and true to yourself, and to this moment, in spite (or because) of your desire to experience the truest form of love (ever).

All this accelerated intensity, blessed by the trials and tribulations of these past three years, has raised our soul awareness to such a spectacular evolutionary pace where, by this weekend, you either come to learn that you are capable of experiencing most authentic love ever, or wake up to realise that you are under the spell of the greatest living lie.

Time will tell what is real and what is just merely an illusion,

and these days… well, we really don’t have to wait that long to find out, do we?

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Originally Published ~ 6/01/2016

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