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Mercury inconjunct Neptune

Mercury inconjunct Neptune


How cool would it be to have the skills or abilities to remove embarrassment, confusion, uncertainty from your mind?

It’s easy. Just understand this:

Your thoughts are not your own in the first place. Everything your mind comes to gather – collected thoughts that you construct as worrisome ideas are just as easily dismantled and released.

When you were a child you may have been taught how to pray before your bedtime, asking for mercy and forgiveness for any inappropriate deeds. Then later, as you slept, you slipped away into archangelic realms and dreamt yourself back to a reset point by morning. All of your worries disappeared and you were fresh for the new day.

Now in your present state of adulthood you can do the same.

Know that to drop any thought that is self-defeating, negative or undermining is easy.
1) Bring yourself to the present moment, somewhere where there is stillness and quiet, where you are not engaged with the world around you.
2) At this point, know that any worrying thoughts that hover through your head do not at all belong to you – release them back into the ethers
3) Let no opinion or judgement others have become any concern of yours either.

Allow all thoughts to drift away today. Practice the art of daydreaming, prayer and meditation.

And ‘Peace In’.

[art: František Dvořák, The Guardian Angel, 1911]

Originally Published ~ 8/10/2015

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