Sun trine Neptune

Sun trine Neptune

I guess you’re feeling it too…

Yes, it is perhaps one of the most sensitive times many of us have ever experienced, and for so many personal reasons.sun trine neptune, sun neptune astrology, sun neptune aspects, neptune in astrology, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoic

Just know, that much of what you see and hear, smell, touch will be difficult to comprehend with your mind. The mind’s capacity to understand the full extent of what is really going on is very limited. At best, it will only leave you with a sense of uncertainty. You will always want more.

Using the senses of your soul – your empathy, trust, foresight and compassion for the plight of others, you may immediately come to accept that you are in the perfect place, at the perfect moment to experience the wonderment and joy of this amazing life, without any question whatsoever..

Use your amazing intuition. Dive immediately into a place of certainty.


Originally Published ~ 2/07/2015

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