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Pallas Athena returns to Sagittarius

asteroid athena, pallas athene astrology, asteroids astrology, athena astrology, warrior athena, goddess athena, wisdom goddess astrologyThe asteroid goddess of wisdom and warcraft actually entered Sadge in December last year, progressed briefly intro Capricorn this month (April 7) before retrograding to return back into the fiery Sagittarius. She stays here till November, fiercely reminds us that her sword cuts both ways. Wise, strategic play, judicious execution and a defense of the higher moral ground can have severe consequences upon those who do not watch their every move.

Her Rx-entry into this centaurian constellation throws this incredibly capable goddess back into an expansive journey of exploration into the arts of shamanic healing, ceremonial ritual, and quest for intuitive understanding and prophesy through the study and interpretation of totem symbolism. She is able to facilitate tremendous spiritual healing through the art of journeying and soul-retrieval, as well as working with groups.

Ever-focused on the bigger picture, Pallas Athena is strongly intent on taking us on a grand crusade for truth, justice and the fearless warrior way. In all her divine femininity, she gallops widely on all fours demonstrating her wild connection to the earth, whilst her powerfully androgynous human half is attuned to a vast database of rhythmically expressive methods to uncover truths she sees with her undeniably perspicacious vision.

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Originally Published ~ 30/04/2015

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