Scorpio Moon, becoming Full into Sagittarius

Scorpio Moon, becoming Full into Sagittarius

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Your despair is not because you feel disconnected from this world, from the source, or cut off from God.

Yes these can be spiritually crippling times, where you feel distant from the heart of everything and everyone. But to go through such isolating times is sometimes perfectly unavoidable. And your pathetic despair is so difficult to heal because in essence, it is totally illusory to feel like you have been abandoned here on this beautiful planet.

Come now. Understand that your dis-communication with Spirit is sometimes absolutely necessary. It is, because unless you go through some intensely dark nightmare you will not ever be ready to awaken and reach out in desperation for some deeper, higher understanding of your part in the greater divine.

God has not dumped you, ok…?

God exists everywhere in a universe from which you’ve come to feel so disenchanted that you can no longer cherish and adore. You do not need to change your name, or style of clothes, or join a groovy movement, or chant or speak in lofty platitudes in order to reconnect with the great Source…

The big deal now – for you and everyone – will be to wake up out of that eternal cultural slumber, whose way of making you feel connected was to feed you meaningless nonsense, and to start to reach out to those around you with some authenticity. To those who irritate you most, from whom you feel alienated – reach out and show them some small act of kindness. Reach out and tell that person that they’re loved; that they are not alone; that you are here for them and that they haven’t been abandoned…

Only through little acts of kindness will you start to reconnect again to this great cosmic dance…

…start now.

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