Moon in Aquarius square Sun in Taurus – THIRD QUARTER MOON


THIRD QUARTER MOON: Moon in Aquarius square Sun in Taurus

It is the physical differentiation that makes all the distinction to most of us. We may be very eloquent in the ideas we hold, lofty too in spreading our ideology. Even the religions we so devoutly follow preach a universal love and understanding for a higher spirit.

But at the end of the day, especially when we start to get a little tired and bothered, we reach for our physical comfort zones. And if you do not qualify to share those with us, out come the guns of defence.

“This land is my land – you don’t belong here”
“You smell/look/speak funny and you eat weird food”
“your children need to be controlled if they are going to play over here with my children”

Typical lower vibe stuff, right? And yet, when we become run down, physically exhausted, our spirit gives way to our physical senses and we are prone to wig out into divisive behaviour.

It’s about survival. Boundaries must be preserved, right?

Observe what happens as the flurry of collective activity between us, which is becoming increasingly more unusual to that with which we are comfortable, starts to wear us down.

No wonder we are becoming so highly sensitised to nearly everything… More and more now, things are making less and less sense to our familiar senses. And the more physically exhausted we become, the more defensive too.

We are almost there ‘people’ (angels)….

If we do not have the the luxury or the good sense to keep still, stay fully mindful, tension will start to set in. And tension soon turns to war.

Define your place.
Know your tribe.
Conserve your resources.
Be ready to act,
with love.


Originally published Saturday, 30 April 2016

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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