Moon enters Sagittarius

As the Moon approaches a much easier phase to the Aquarius Sun, we begin to get a clearer view of what we really want. Sagittarius wild-fire enthusiasm works a little better with the excitement offered by the utopian-minded Aquarian Sun, and with Saturn’s grounding, sobering influence be assured that the next 24 hours will bring a stable, workable order towards realising our vision.

In one sense, the Sun is now being lent the support to maintain a steady footing, the structure to tend to more practical matters, staying mindful of important deadlines and adhering to responsibilities with some of discipline. In another sense, there is still an ominously growing restlessness there caused by the applying square to Mars. Though the Sun is very mindful to keep that restless ego at bay, the temptation (or compulsion) to be a ‘dick’ and to come out jousting is writ large. Watch that – could be nasty, and if you see others in that lower vibe of anger, walk away briskly (nothing is going to remedy these potential conflagrations, possibly involving males).

Staying busy, working on matters (especially those within our relationships) and keeping a lid on that tendency to get heated in our challenging moments must be the call of action over the next couple of days. Things are still super-touchy (Moon is yet to square NEPTUNE), and yes, our truth must be expressed and indeed we wish to conduct ourselves as transparently as possible, just let’s be cautious of haplessly creating misunderstandings by not seeing things from all sides.

Remember, everyone has their own agenda – sometimes it appears to conflict with our own, so we must exercise a little kindness, if only to navigate through the next couple of days without at least a few scratches.

Keep minds pure and hearts open wide..

Originally published 7th February, 2016

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