Moon in Capricorn (Balsamic)

moon in capricorn, earth sign moon, capricorn moon, moon signs, What if you could just let go of any feelings of inadequacy – of not feeling good enough, not feeling good-looking enough, not male enough, white enough, rich enough, smart enough….?

What if you could just drop all that baggage?

. . . . . [Good News] . . . . .
You ARE going to let go of all those things… soon.

Very soon they are going to leave you. Very soon you are going to get over those creeping sensations that you are NOT OK. Very soon you will have shifted entirely from the mindset that creates those awfully inhibiting feelings of doubt and fear.

All your negative thoughts, habits, filters, beliefs, judgements, opinions, toxic emotional residue that is self-defeating and limiting you unnecessarily is going to leave you, very, very soon.

The world is separating into alternative dimensions.

Prepare to be liberated from all your baggage (you cannot take it with you on this journey).
Choose to come to the present time with me.

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Originally Published ~ 9/01/2016

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