Moon in Cancer square sun in Aries – First quarter Moon

Moon in Cancer square sun in Aries - First quarter Moon

Moon in Cancer square sun in Aries – First quarter Moon

The current Moon cycle meets its first crisis. How to manage the headstrong, impetuous, almost anti-social energy of the Aries Sun, whose rash and wild manner seems so insensitive and unsettling to the clingy emotional dependencies of the Cancer Moon. She feels most hurt by the self-centred ways of her masculine principle.

Affected strongly by the recent conjunction to URANUS, his intention is to exercise the importance of his independence and, realising that there is no return upon the path never before taken, he takes courage in the conviction that he may have to go this road alone. He does not have the patience to wait, nor will he carry anyone that isn’t up to carrying their own. The road ahead looks a little rocky. The less baggage, the easier.

fqm apNor does he care what people think. He knows, in his heart, that he may never see them with the same familiar sentiments ever again.

Mostly, he is not given to any sudden, unexpected displays of emotion. He sees right through all the drama, the insecurity and nervousness of his own kind and finds these utterly repugnant now.

They see him as abrupt and heartless, lacking the kindness and commitment to stay loyal and true to those things that nurture and support him.

Uncertainty where this conflict takes us can mark the day’s outcomes. Ultimately for the situation to improve, a sensible compromise is necessary now.


Originally published Thursday, 14 April 2016

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