Venus-Pallas Athene on the Sun-Jupiter midpoint

Venus-Pallas Athene on the Sun-Jupiter midpoint

The noble crusade to strategically bring peace and justice to our professional affairs and any political injustices arches across most any earthy domain, even including personal affairs but it is with chin high and temple pure that we soar into the righteous and heroic mission of leveling the scores and bringing a high moral code back into whatever desperate or misguided actions ever led us to engage into insulting or disparaging behaviour upon others.

It may be that the underlying cause was jealousy or spite, and all derision given or received was hurled as a strategic ploy to taunt and psyche out an opponent, but light pours into our affairs this week and our consciousness sees the gross error of our blindful ways.
– When we compare ourselves to others we are unconsciously failing to connect with our own true special qualities – ones that are so unique to us that we hold exclusive rights to these specialised abilities. There is no threat, really, for no one can ever match us in our ways, nor could we ever hope to successfully contest the individual beauty found in others.pallas athene asteroid, pallas athene astrology, athena venus conjunction, athena venus aspects astrology, astrology aspects, ang stoic, astrology readings

We are each here to accomplish a specific version of ‘amazing’. The universe has deemed it so – it trusts that we divinely explore and discover our unique talent and cooperate this with one another to get the necessary task done with expediency and love.

Wars only happen when we assume that others threaten our divine right to be ourselves or to become exactly just like them.

Be amazing in your own right. Celebrate the amazingness in others – especially in your ‘foes’.

We are all in this together. Trust.


Originally Published ~ 5/05/2015

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