Venus sextile Uranus

Venus sextile Uranus, venus uranus love aspects, venus uranus relationship, venus uranus synasty, venus uranus astrology, venus uranus aspects, ang stoicSo, for a moment it is easier to consider and accept what’s here in front of you, even though you’ve never experienced anything like it.

Suddenly you are able to open up and embrace the wonder, the beauty and the joy that it is able to provide you in this moment. This may seem like a new object of affection, or perhaps a whole new way of looking at the the old. It may even be an appreciation with your own aloneness. And it’s delightful.

At once a bolt of realization strikes you with a profound revelation about your whole entire value system – and you are undeniably open to looking into it with great illuminating excitement.

Why now?

Perhaps it’s because you realise that loving or accepting another without any prior expectation, no need for commitment, nor suspicion or apprehension, no want for possession – truly taking a most tentative outlook on the whole affair means you are inclined to enjoy it more than any usual fare. And this… this could definitely open doors to a whole new gamut of choice, taste and predilection.

So enjoy this moment for whatsoever wonder it may bring.

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Originally Published ~ 26/04/2015

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