Moon in Aquarius

moon in aquarius, air signs moon, aquarian moon, astrology moon, aquarius astrologyIn a world of structured form and neat, orderly convention, our inner need to express freedom and independence can often be seen by others as a revolutionary act.

Introducing progress and innovative changes may seem an exciting notion, but it often creates an air of apprehension and nervousness to those in our immediate environment who are not ready to evolve with us.


Aquarius, bearer of water, chooses to share her cool, progressive views without herself becoming wet. This means that whilst she holds a space for spreading her ideals of compassion and equality for all, she chooses not to get emotionally involved. She’s more into the sharing than the actual emotional impact of how these may affect.

It is important to stay cool now.

Progress is vital to humanity. It need not evoke feelings of emotional resistance from others.

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Originally Published ~ 11/01/2016

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