Venus opposition Saturn

venus opposition saturn, saturn venus aspect, venus saturn astrology, venus saturn relationshipFor everything your heart desired that was ever held from you; for every pleasure craved that was forbidden to be satiated;
for every whim to feel affection ever crippled by the call of duty and responsibility –
a deeply-rooted cause lies somewhere.

Somewhere, early in the piece, you were made to believe that it was a sin to enjoy your pleasure. As if the very word was barbed with guilt and doused in shame and self-reproach, and that if you dared to smile it was unholy, and if you dared to laugh it was a crime.

How then to feel love’s true embrace when hovering above you hangs the dangling sword of expectation, seeing that any display of your unbridled joy immediately riddles you with shame?

Do not sell yourself short – value the love you have to give, not merely in terms of dollars and cents, or favours, or tasks that are demeaning and debasing… you are not just this world’s whore. That’s only a role you’ve learnt to play in hope of receiving some validation. Trading your heart for approbation will never recompense the love that you so badly crave to feel.

Tell yourself this – “I am Ok… I am good to love”.

Let yourself go.

Love yourself more. You are worthy.

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Originally Published ~ 15/04/2015

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