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3° Taurus Sun inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius

3° TAURUS SUN inconjunct SATURN in Sagittarius, saturn sun aspects, earth sign sun, sun in taurus, satrun in sagittarius, sun saturn astrology, ang stoic3° TAURUS SUN inconjunct SATURN in Sagittarius

Could it be that someone in a position of authority is left looking suspiciously incapable today?

Worse still, could this ‘someone in authority’ be you?

Could seriously be.

It happens. Sometimes we are left feeling a little dumb, and no amount of gruff, stubborn resistance will serve as any defense. Challenges, particularly to our wider dexterity in say, more adventurous, erudite fields could leave us feeling embarrassingly out of our depths today.

And it smarts…

Tip #1: Say less, without exactly pleading stupid (we all have off days).
Tip #2: Defer any confrontations until you have at least “googled-up” on wtf others are talking about.
Tip # 3: Avoid eye-contact and maintain a humble smile throughout the whole ordeal
Tip #4: None of the above tips will actually help make this ordeal comfortable

Just remember, feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and lack of faith in yourself are sometimes symptoms that you need to wise up and get with the times… especially if you don’t want them cowboys ridin’ ya…

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Originally Published ~ 24/04/2015

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