Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde

A beautiful woman needs to be able to feel her own strength without feeling like she is intimidated by the amorous advances of the exterior world. Otherwise she may soon become latched onto a man who can somehow sequester her beauty and harness her power for use into his own devices.venus retro grade, venus retro, retro venus astrology, venus astrology, astrology aspects, ang stoic

But what happens if she separates herself from that entirely?

As an individual woman, what if she choses rather not to play into the “need a man” equation to feel strong? To exercise her own choices. Exert her own influence upon this world?

Well, then she is operating on a goddess consciousness. And her instinct will not be to possess, but to protect beauty. To emanate love without the fear of being incessantly assaulted by this world’s nasty little tendency to use beauty just to satisfy the grotesque and the unscrupulous designs of maledom, and of male domination.

Sure a woman needs love, just like anyone; and a beautiful woman feels she deserves the best this world has to offer her.
But look at this world…
– all the beauty is possessed and floated on the stock exchange by rich and powerful men. And somewhere, the beautiful women are encouraging that.

Where are the goddesses in all this? Where is the love for the planet?

Does a woman need a powerful man to exert her true influence on this planet?
Does she need a powerful man to exercise her own goddess powers of nurturance and protection – to take custody of the natural beauty of this earth, and all its children?

Or must she compromise it all for the sake of protecting her own beauty and her own children?

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  1. Surely the compromise is can be found in the use of the earth’s natural substance with the blessing of children mother needs a nutritious garden, and great parks with dogs and an interesting hobby. Few friends
    True friends and cream on the cake future travel destinations.

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