Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus, earth sign mercury, mercury astrology, taurus earth sign astrology, ang stoicTo underestimate or overestimate ourselves or those in our world is to base our assessment on an assumption. This comes from a place of fear or laziness to inquire deeper before passing judgement. An assumption is invariably an unfair appraisal, and is a blockage by the mind from tuning in to its true intuitive centre.

Learn now to allow yourself to entertain the various possibilities that may lay before you by asking more, seeing more, hearing what is true and sensing what is real by exercising your healthy, earthy sense of scepticism.

Ask to see beyond your fixed, tunnel vision.

Learn to listen, accept and love, by allowing others to provide the reality with which you most comfortably resonate.

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Originally Published ~ 15/04/2015

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