Sun conjunct Pluto

sun conjunct pluto, sun pluto aspect, sun pluto power  struggle, sun pluto corruption,Sometimes it’s hard not to be overcome, not just with an impulse, but to feel totally charged with sheer compulsion to affect those around us.

It feels like something within us has become threatened, invaded by the abuses or possessions of entities that are seemingly ‘out of our control’.


Circumstances now push us to define new ways, new boundaries. Laws, guidelines or structures must be put into place that must allow us to reclaim our own power without becoming becoming obsessive about influencing others.

You can start by controlling YOURSELF – defining your OWN boundaries. This can only happen by reconnecting to your strongest sense of self, not by trying to inflict your own designs or desires to corrupt the beautiful, innocent prerogative of others, coercing or tempting them with a demanding yet flimsy, superficial energy.
Any power that is drawn from pressing others to do what WE want them to do (often against their will) can only corrupt the fabric of TRUST that is so vital towards building a sustainable and renewable energy source within our relationships.

Non-violent change starts within.
Control your own guns.

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Originally Published ~ 6/01/2016

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