Moon enters Pisces

Moon enters Pisces, pisces moon, moon in pisces, pisces astrology, pisces lunation, water sign moon, lunar astrology, ang stoic, astrology reading, ang stoic astrologyThe collective mood now shifts into the vastly infinite realms of the divine, and we are welcomed to dive into the rich and calming pools of gentle sensitivity and vivid imagination.

Our connection to a lost, forgotten past, a brave new future we might cast, a wild and mystical romance that makes us slip into a trance, and from the visions of our dreams become inspired, or so it seems, we speak the language of the soul and reconnect back to the whole.

No time nor space can matter now, suspend all judgements (you know how),
and though temptation to partake in booze and drugs might help you fake, those feelings of acquired bliss, might leave you lost in an abyss.

Protect your tendency to fall, come to this moment, hear the call – the magic whispers of the night, this Pisces Moon’s enchanting light.


Originally published 23 December, 2016

 © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2015


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