Moon in Sagittarius on the Saturn~ Uranus and Venus ~ Neptune midpoints


It’s understandable to be yearning for a higher, spiritual connection – a romance that’s profoundly deeper and more meaningful than ever before.

Yet, why is there something shaky about all this now?…

The stirrings of our subconscious are becoming ever more conscious, and we’re seeing far more of the human design than we usually allow ourselves to see.

There is a nervous hesitation silently creeping into our intimate affairs now. The intuitive radar is at peak to expose others’ true intent with us.

Authenticity is not to be discovered in their words. It exists in the spaces between.

Becoming highly sensitive to being deceived, or suddenly rejected, creates confusion and hesitation within the relationship and, much as we might fight it, emotional insecurities enter.

If we are not ourselves in a place of certainty, there is a tendency to slip into a hopeless melancholia – a frustrated belief that love may never kiss us on the temple and take us gently up into the comforting realms of the divine. With this dismay also comes an emotional withdrawal.

Do not despair.

In truth, we are only learning to overcome our blind addictions to love.

We also learn to temper our romantic idealism. Much more than scorching, passionate sex, we desire someone who would lie alongside us on the couch, and peacefully, just let us fall asleep in their loving arms.

Why is that so hard to find now?

Originally Published ~ 17/10/2015

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