Venus in Capricorn ~ Opposition Jupiter in Cancer, Moon conjunct Mars in Virgo

Venus in Capricorn ~ Opposition Jupiter in cancer, Moon conjunct mars in Virgo

If you equate love with being an endless string of responsibilities to others then you may now come to realize that things can sometimes stretch you a bit too far. Love is not necessarily always having to demonstrate your diligence to others by constantly picking up after them.venus in capricorn, venus opposition jupiter, jupiter in cancer, moon conjunct mars in virgo, virgo moon

You may find this kind of love feeds your noble sense of duty, but it also creates an environment of excessive neediness, laziness and a raft of sloppy habits which, after all, make life difficult for you to relax and enjoy.

So if you’re feeling a little unappreciated “for all the love you show” it’s time for you to step back a little and accept just who created this beautiful mess.


Originally Published ~ 26/11/2015

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