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Sun quintile Neptune ~ Sun in Sagittarius

Sun quintile Neptune ~ Sun in Sagittarius

The number five’s strong affinities to Mercury resonates a very mental frequency when in the quintile aspect. The subtle harmonic effect acts to qualify, separate into kinds and arrange matter – very akin to the process of harvesting Sun quintile Neptune ~ Sun in Sagittariuswhere one separates the wheat from the chaff. Today’s quintile from Neptune to the Sagittarian Sun suggests that we examine our tendency to become engaged in our ‘religion’ from a purely ritualistic perspective. Rituals are important in that they allow us to deal with our anxiety, increase our confidence and deal with our grief, particularly when performed with others.

However, whilst commonly associated with spirituality or tribal custom, they are only part of a technique whose ultimate design is to help the individual to attain a meditative state. The ritual is not an end unto itself. We follow rituals every day. On this day, we must qualify these (are they working for us or enslaved by them?), value their usefulness for their ability to bring us some serenity, and have the strength to question those that have become nothing more than simple exercise in self-indulgence.


Originally Published ~ 13/12/2015

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