Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo ~ July 24-August 22

If the Sun likes to shine, be brilliant and just turn up the heat whenever he’s around, then by geez, now that he’s in Leo he’s likely to shine so hard that at times it’s almost unbearable. See his bright white teeth? Movie-star smile… chest puffed out… this my friends is screaming to be noticed. This is certainly the way to go.sun in leo, leo sun, sun sign astrology, leo astroloy, leo character, leo traits, leo personality, astrology aspects, ang stoic

The next 30 days promises to see some really beaming examples of proud, courageous, heroic – truly formative activity from the lair with the flair that’s simply debonair. No other constellation produces such prolific displays of creative output – a concerted effort to take on whatever, own it, do something grand with it, do it in grand style, then take all the living credit for it whilst the going’s good.

Meanwhile, Leo is always looking to move onto something bigger and even more magnificent whilst at the same time managing to provide warmth, loyalty, and protection (whilst, of course, collecting tributes and royalties for anything his light has ever shone upon).

**We’re really gonna need to see some stand-up material from the Leo Sun this time ’round though. Superman literally needs to step up & save the daily planet this year.

The Sun shines hardest around mid-day, and it’s MID-YEAR, so look up in the sky, and give a cheer, because…

…here he comes to save the day!

Where will you shine brightest this month?

LEO: Just you baby… everything about you.
VIRGO: Where the sun don’t usually shine (think humble)
LIBRA: Like to say the club scene, most likely on facebook/twitter though.
SCORPIO: Public arenas, headlines and head office (career)
SADGE: Foreign lands and legal stands (bigger picture stuff)
CAPPY: Anywhere is hurts the most (and has to do with others)
AQUARIUS: Letting someone take the lead and take you by the hand
PISCES: Being of service and of some use to some body
ARIES: Kisses, sweets, dances and wild romances (having fun)
TAURUS: Kitchen, garden, parlour, boudoir (home & family)
GEMINI: New ideas and eloquent words, motorcycles, cars electric guitars
CANCER: Stuff you’ll miss, you’ll horde or reminisce (and cash)


Originally Published ~ 24/07/2015

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