Always the Sun…

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Easy? You wanted easy?

Nobody said this was going to be easy, especially on the nervous system.

Between all the activity in front of Uranus, Mercury’s approaching conjunction and the (M)assive Flare detected around 15:00 (UTC), the energy at the moment is enough to jolt the nerves into a veritable histrionic meltdown, followed of course by all the trimmings of a congestive Solar hangover.

If you can feel it (headaches, migraines, body aches etc) then you are somewhat blessed. You are indeed one of the increasing plenty who are emerging as the new radio-receptors for great reams of light-wave consciousness coming your way in the next couple of days.

Remain mindful, rested, hydrated and act with utmost deliberateness. REMEMBER, there is NO SUCH THING AS AN ACCIDENT. Only an unanticipated incident.

Slow down… Settle down… Don’t lose it.

Your response CAN affect the outcome.

More Solar activity is anticipated. Stay ‘tuned’


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Originally Published ~ 9/04/2015

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