Mars square Neptune


Maybe it’s your ego talking here, but you are worthy. Your intellectual, emotional, physical, social, even spiritual boundaries are worth defending and upholding. It’s a matter of integrity.

✯ Just like everybody else, you are allowed to have your own thoughts and opinions.
✯ Just like everybody else, you are allowed to have your own feelings about the present situation.
✯ Just like everybody else, you are allowed to have your own space, however extensive it may need to be for you.
✯ Just like everybody else, you are allowed to have your own friends, lovers, pursue your own social activities.
✯ Just like everybody else, you are allowed to hold your own spiritual views, understandings and misgivings.

Defending your boundaries takes some level of assertiveness, and this is where the MARS/ARIES/1stHouse elements of your life come into action.

If you’re not certain, start to define them. Write them down: What will you accept and what you will refuse to sign up for. Draw the line. Be clear where the ‘acceptably you’ meets the ‘unacceptably you’.

Be ready to take affirmative action where it seems others have crossed your lines. This doesn’t mean fly off the handle. Just a gentle reminder (try to be non-verbal and with a loving spirit) to others that certain behaviour is unacceptable to you. You may either succeed or be compelled to act even more assertively to get the point across.

No good compromising the lines you have clearly laid down. It takes practice to maintain firm, healthy boundaries. You will soon develop stronger lines, and others too will immediately tell the sort of character they’re dealing with.

Sadly, sometimes you have to let motherfuckers who continually abuse boundaries know that they’re no longer welcome ’round your door. Of course, this is a last resort, but as an act of utmost kindness, blocking toxic energies is also a necessary step. Make it clear what you will not stand for their belligerence, create a distinct point of closure, then keep them out. They must learn the hard way.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♂□ ☽/♀/♆∠ ♅

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