MARS/CHIRON: Healing the Wounded Masculine

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German philosopher Nietzsche once wrote, “what does not kill me makes me stronger” [Twilight of the Idols (1888)].

Although the saying “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is often used to imply that enduring pain or adversity can help build resilience to overcome future challenges, it overlooks the fact that some experiences can leave lasting physical and psychological scars. This is particularly true for those who have been through traumatic events such as combat, working in the social welfare sector for a prolonged period, or surviving an abusive relationship, divorce, or heartbreak. In these cases, the aftermath of what we have been through can result in lasting damage, leaving us with conditions such as PTSD.

Although this saying is often used to express positivity and courage in the face of adversity, it is somewhat ironic because it implies that we can become a stronger version of ourselves by tapping into natural attributes such as our ability to use painful incidents to our advantage. Since the discovery of Chiron in 1977, which is a strange-looking object resembling a comet in the outer Solar System, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, the idea of “triumph over adversity” has taken on a new meaning.

Chiron’s key position as a ‘mediator’ between the mundane (♃ ♄) and the supernatural (♅ ♆ ♇) provides a bridgeway into understanding the mysteries between the physical and quantum universes. His effect helps us to unravel many of the secrets which plague and cripple the human energetic complex. As we come to understand that all accidents, illness and dis-ease are essentially energetic disturbances, we also learn how to heal the world’s problems better. Here, we awaken to the possibility of true spiritual immortality.

Over the past 45 years, there has been an exponential shift in humanity’s attempts to comprehend the cruelty caused by the perceived limitations of Saturn’s three-dimensional structure. This has led to an exploration of higher-dimensional modes of behaviour. By adopting the perspectives of religious heretics, psychotic madmen, spiritual mavericks, political anarchists, or shamanic healers, we can learn to defy a certain sense of doom. Those who view the ordinary world through the lens of wild visions and prophetic dreams, and who see the quantum universe as an infinite source of natural medicines and healing, can overcome threats and dangers and not just survive but thrive.


Chiron soothes emotional blockages caused by past wounds, often tied to family history. Natal positioning and aspects reveal our propensity to suffer and heal. Chiron’s transit brings old wound-stories to the surface, often manifesting as physical ailments. These instances can force an inner crisis, stirring up an ‘awakening’ of latent emotions and forging new energetic pathways of healing.


Mars is crucial for our survival, as it triggers the fight-or-flight response and energizes us into action to defend ourselves and maintain our boundaries. It is our ego-defense mechanism that prevents our individual will from being usurped by dominant forces. Without Mars, we might submit and cower in the face of danger. Therefore, it is an inherent part of every organism’s survival mechanism to put up a fight or flee to fight another day.


The Mars energy within us is necessary for maintaining our boundaries and taking action in situations where our competency and resistance to invasion are required. However, where we have failed to assert ourselves, or our ability to rise to action has been hindered by a more dominant force, we may carry wounds within us. These wounds are stored in the lower chakras and can lead to harmful, regretful, and traumatic incidents if not properly treated.

Chiron’s contact with Mars, particularly through hard aspects, can highlight critical developments in our experience that may result in harmful behavior if left untreated. Untreated wounds to our divine masculine system can lead to unconscious coping mechanisms, victim mentality, and complex psycho-sexual behaviors that are often passed down through generations.

The good news is that each Chiron transit presents us with opportunities to gain greater insight into our wounds and work towards healing them. By working through our relationships and summoning the courage to confront our wounds with awareness, we can overcome harmful conditioning and habits that may have been learned through cultural norms or family traditions.

Healing the “wounded masculine” means addressing sabotaging patterns of aggression and resentment with courage and compassion. This involves embracing our animus and working towards recovering stored anger and resentment from our unconscious memory. By deprogramming both our individual and collective minds from old stories about masculinity, we can build healthier relationships and move towards doing what we do best without shame or hesitation.


The current Mars/Chiron cycle began at 15º56′ Aries on June 15 2022. When Mars and Chiron form a square aspect in transit, it can bring up themes related to past wounds and trauma that may hinder the expression of Mars energy in a healthy way. This can manifest as increased frustration, impulsivity, and a tendency towards conflict in relationships. However, this transit also provides an opportunity for growth and transformation by becoming aware of these wounds and working towards healing.

During this transit, it may be beneficial for individuals to engage in activities that release their powerful instinctual energies, such as physical exercise or creative endeavours. However, it’s important to regulate this energy to avoid burnout or imbalance. Building good musculature and maintaining hormonal balance through self-care practices may also be helpful.

Ultimately, the Mars/Chiron square transit may lead individuals to question their true desires and motivations, prompting them to move beyond the ego and into a deeper level of self-awareness. By engaging the positive qualities of Mars, such as assertiveness and confidence, in service to spiritual growth and the benefit of others, individuals can transform negative expressions of Mars/Chiron energy into positive ones.

This cycle presents a unique opportunity for healing and relief if you’ve ever felt ashamed or guilty for not standing up for yourself or for behaving in ways that are seen as reprehensible towards others. However, adjusting to the changes happening within yourself and the world can be challenging, especially when it comes to masculinity. Everyone’s feelings are valid, and it’s important not to spiral into a belief that only your own are worth defending.

Mars in Cancer, particularly under the square from Chiron, can trigger emotional wounds and make it difficult to deal with emotionally charged situations. The added impact of a hard aspect from Saturn can lead to frustration, denial, and delays in facing abandonment and rejection issues, especially in relationships. It’s essential to take a step back and avoid making things personal.

Despite the instinctive desire to express what we find unhealthy or offensive, conflicting scenarios can make it challenging to do so. Bottling up emotions can lead to emotional distress, untimely outbursts, or even physical symptoms. However, this cycle could hold the key to unlocking repressed anger, restoring a sense of assertiveness, and achieving a more balanced, healthy state.

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