Instead of surrounding yourself with ass-kissing patronisers and submissive disciples, stick to people who are going to challenge you or offer some variety. Might be hard to accept and abide other points of view but try. Despite your otherworldliness on some issues, try to keep it real. Avoid wigging out. Making strong emotional attachments with others may be hard but necessary these days. Avoid sudden detachment. It’ll be the ruin of some of your best contacts. Always having your own way, being proud and stubborn, taking it personally when someone questions your ideas or opinions will lead you straight into disaster.

Challenge is how to stay more cooperative and modest. Sure, you might be anything and everything – from a maverick mystic to mad scientist, a freaking saint or a crazed-up militant humanitarian who’s into conspiracies and intrigue but if you cannot work in harmony with those nearest you (those you call “friends”), then your intolerance and sanctimoniousness will pave your way directly to nasty wars and hypocritical hell…………….