Astrology of Now: Scorpio New Moon

Happy Scorpio New Moon, Tribe!

As I learned earlier today, in my ascent of Mount Olympus,
may you mind the venomous snakes, treacherous cliff crags and Zeus’ electrifying bolts of lightning from Ouranos.

May you reach the summit of your sacred intention and may your journey, in any case, be soul-transforming xx

At this Scorpio New Moon,
Sit somewhere peaceful.
Purposely, breathe yourself back into your body.
Feel mind and spirit come together,
in total alignment with your upright centre,
just as the Earth & Moon align with Sun
and all the starry Scorpio constellations.
Bring your entire being to complete stillness
Allow yourself to open and your spirit to receive
uniquely divine messages from the heavens.
Formulate a firm intention
for what your heart & soul deeply desires
to live by your unflinching truth
Accept that you must soon launch into action,
follow through with the plan to come clean,
purge anything which feels toxic, shameful, self-reproachful from your life. It takes enormous strength and willpower.
Experience a whole new sense of empowerment
moving through you,
working for you,
helping you transform, and the whole world around you.