MARS AT THE SOUTH NODE does generate a great degree of fear and panic, as we can see, but it doesn’t need to turn nasty. Nodal trines from the Sun/Mercury, now in inferior conjunction, appeal to our social and moral responsibility to stay kind and exercise mercy and forgiveness in the way we communicate to others.

We can’t help everybody, sure, but can we help ourselves? Some folks are too easily triggered and will fly into ‘Henny Penny’ mode at the slightest provocation.
I am aware, which means I take certain precautions not to let people’s hysteria take control or hijack my goodwill and tilt at my generally peace-loving composure. I don’t have to fuel the flames of irritation and anger.

Learning to smile rather than reacting with a frown or scowl at others’ anger; remembering to take a breath when I feel my heart begin to race; not reacting to flourishes of feeling disrespected, ignored or humiliated; learning to excuse myself for a minute to go and chill out somewhere till I assure myself that what’s been hurled at me is not about me per se; asking what I can do to understand why I feel guilty, insecure, jealous or rejected, abandoned and afraid – those things are primal but they can be managed better from the wisdom of our Solar centred Mind.

If you have thoughts of hurting someone or perhaps yourself; aching to teach someone a lesson; suspect that someone is being rude, belligerent or stupid just on purpose; fixing to take vengeance, or paranoid that something bad is just about to happen, then take stock. Think about what happens when you take an action that you haven’t thought right through.

Consequences are dire now. The accumulated degree of Capricorn energies, including ruler of Karma, Saturn, means that all our ills will become instantly highlighted and illuminated in the most abstruse and painfully confronting ways. If we need to face the music, best learn how to dance with it.

In the words of one of the greatest Pisceans, Rudolf Steiner, “Wisdom is crystallised pain.” Dance to that beat…

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