Astrology of Now: Lunar Occultations

The last of this year’s unprecedented series of (29) Lunar Occultations (planetary eclipses) is about to occur.

Over the next 48 hours, the Moon’s pass in front of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto reveals even more hidden clues to a word-wide conspiracy, but only to those truly tuned into their instinctual nature. A not-so-obvious collusion, led by this planet’s age-old ecumenical patriarchal hegemony is putting its final moves into position. Its objective has always been to commandeer and siphon humanity’s resources, strip-mine the entire earth and to enslave everything into a system of complete control, surveillance and imposed levying.

Systems of utter control are set into place, with carefully contrived actions to soon remove any ‘upsets’, distractions and encumbrances and reveal the ‘master plan’.

Those presiding over the highest positions of international law/religion, monarchy, government and corporate power have assisted greatly, but as we have seen, there has been some careless slips, and some (only some of us) are onto the suspicion of foul play.

Is it indeed the ‘master plan’ or just the greatest aberration of nature? Will it succeed or will humanity wake up from its deep zombie-like slumber in time?

QUESTION: Are you walking around with your eyes wide shut?

Here are the final occultations before next month’s Solar Eclipse.

* THURSDAY, Nov. 28, 6:00 a.m. EST / 11:00 UTC – JUPITER 0.7 degree south of the Moon

* FRIDAY, Nov. 29, 4:00 p.m. EST / 21:00 UTC – SATURN 0.9 degree north of the Moon

* FRIDAY, Nov. 29, 11:00 p.m. EST / Nov. 30, 4:00 UTC – PUTO 0.5 degree north of the Moon

There is definitely a shift toward a global, one-world government. Whether it will be of a benevolent or a tyrannical nature to the freedom of the individual human spirit remains to be seen. That this current state of affairs was brought about by social developments which go back thousands of years does not alter the fact this is where we are heading. It is contemporary humanity itself which is responsible and not some “historical developments”, traditions or national “constitutions”.

People getting set to celebrate “thanksgiving” and “black Friday”: ask yourself what are you actually celebrating?