VENUS/SATURN – Karmic Love

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Venus rules our personal ‘power of attraction’ – the magnetic forcefield generated by our heart (the Sun) to attract people, things and experiences that may compliment or satiate our desire for harmony and pleasure.

Saturn is the ruler of the collective consensus and the administrator of karmic law. Whatever he touches is blessed with fated soul-lessons, experiences that crystalise into matter, manifesting as physical constructs which, through discipline and hard work, we come to earn or learn to forfeit if we fail to meet his tough measures and endure his limitations.

During their (approximately) one-year cycle, the things we love to have; things that add value and embellish our lives will come, but to keep them, they must be hard-won. They will press us to make sacrifices, put us through trials, they will ripen, even age us, and teach us lessons we shall never forget.

It’s a tough kind of love but, as always (with Saturn), the process becomes character-distinguishing. Key transits in their synodic cycle show us the value of those things worth working for, and they will highlight those things of which we best learn to just let go because either we or they are just too heavy or not up to desired standards.

“An acquaintance merely enjoys your company, a fair-weather companion flatters when all is well, a true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear.”

E.A. Bucchianeri

Attracting Our Teacher

Around the conjunction at 21°♒44′ (Mar 28,  2022), as if by seemingly preordained, cosmic intervention, something or someone enters into our world who would help us play out the karmic implications of this cycle.

This occurs by sending out idiosyncratic affections and predilections as magnetic pulsations (Venus), like transmitting personally nuanced ‘heart-wave messages’ to the universe, a call out to say that “this is what I desire”. Saturn then responds by crystallising our intentions from mere magnetic heart energy into physical matter. Things/people/situations show up as if to test/measure/evaluate whether we have what it takes to keep, acquire or relinquish that which will potentially make our lives more worthwhile and pleasurable. If we do not know, we will learn how to work to procure those things which are an important part of shaping our destiny, and if not, how we must eventually learn to let them go.

In typical Saturnian terms, whatever is entering our magnetic field is typically a materially transactional affair. There is often something pragmatic and practical that we must satisfy in order to qualify for the object of our desire (enough money, status, age, responsibility, capacity to hold and secure, etc). Saturn cuts tickets on Venus’ ‘love, peace and aesthetic sensibilities’. In short, he makes you pay a price in order to have something nice and like a middling merchant, procurator or pimp, continues to collect dues, gradually raising the bar on expectations, tightening the screws, until you eventually come to question whether you can afford to have it any longer. (*Wherever Saturn’s conditionalities and rules are applied, all will eventually come to a definitive end, and to this effect, it’s often when the ‘love runs dry‘).


The last VE/SA cycle commenced on Feb 06  2021 at 05°♒54′. After 13 months, it is now due to commence afresh. Since Saturn is still in rulership through Aquarius, it would spell a year of strict appraisals on how well we can align to society’s new and progressive values, face judgements over how much we can comply to group-minded conscientiousness, while facing austerity and parsimonious positions over any frugality in aesthetic and materialistic pleasures. Social duties and civil responsibilities both in politics and love-relationships/friendships will come into question. Those bonds not meeting the functional objectives of a new society and the more traditional marriage partnerships will generally face a realignment in their outlook and style in order to maintain their cohesiveness. Tensions in meeting the strict criteria of our affairs are typically highlighted at the quarter (square) phases of the cycle.

As usual, only the most worthy, most dutiful unions and collaborations would hold ground, for under the pressure of Saturn’s most stringent conditions, as in the previous cycles (25 Dec 2017-18 Feb 2019, then to 11 Dec 2019, then to 6 Feb 2021), those who tried to engage or invest in ‘frivolous follies’ or ‘easy rides’ experienced either a year of unrequited love-suffering or became forced to endure an entire year of frustration/separations/delays or involuntary celibacy.

This first cycle to commence in Aquarius suggests that there is something scientific/technological, ideologically progressive, highly unusual or somehow futuristic about the bond. Aquarius isn’t terribly emotional or physical, and there is an element of interruptions or spasmodic expression. Venus in Aquarius prefers the coolness of friendship more than romance and attracts others into our lives with a refreshingly unconventional, possibly odd, yet openly friendly demeanour.

Those who cannot keep up the pace, or insist on more conventional or traditional styles of relationship may suffer serious disruptions. Venus also rules money and other things of value, so matters of acquisition, investment, or enterprises can either be borne anew or brokered in unusual new ways at this moment.

Be particularly aware of events developing on (or near) the conjunction between these two planets. Generally, they introduce the commencement of a new level of relationship between two entities which, at its most critical stages, forces us to slow down and experience the real merit of our current value system. More than anything, Saturn evaluates everything in shrewd economic terms.

Aquarian values are definitely less focused on the personal and lean more towards reforming the collective and humanitarian causes. The idealism and the utopian vision of this sign create a less emotional, more detached approach to all affairs of the heart. Money may also be made and lost through electronic and technological services as well as through friendship networks.

In any case, Saturn remains a harsh monitor and sets the bar on what it expects according to consensus trends. At the most critical times of this next cycle, we will be tested on how well the choices we make in our affairs meet up with the progressive spirit of the times.

Those who resonate with trending preferences will truly stand to know what love is all about in 2022. Those less capable of talking the talk, walking the 21st-century walk, could see the dawning of a greater sense of isolationism and feeling cut off from the mainstream. When we are inexperienced, feel inadequate, shy, fearful or insecure, we often develop unhealthy, immature yearnings for something that was perhaps not meant for us. Often we are out of place, or our timing is out, or we have to pass a few tests, earn a certain level of credibility, or come back with more cash, or the right qualifications before we can be even considered.

Sometimes we may need to accept that a thing of beauty cannot be possessed, but is best admired from afar, without attachment, shared equally so everybody may enjoy it. It has no function other than in its ability to make us smile, to ease our aching existential woes. Man’s constant craving to sequester, separate, close off and chastise the object of his affection by a series of conditions and contracts can crimp, crease and diminish Venus’ flow of keeping a connection to the abundance of love, the source where she draws her natural beauty. Sure, there are often lessons, karmic debts to complete, but at what cost?

Like cutting wildflowers, they will soon wilt and die when taken from their natural habitat. Saturn has this tendency to cut, place in the vessel of his own devices, create an unnaturally staged ornamental piece, then try everything under the sun to arrest its development, preserve its aesthetic, just to keep it from changing. He is not content to walk through the wild fields and admire the beauty as it was gifted by the creator. He must enjoy it on his own terms, and in and only for himself.

In this cycle, we come to discover what we love and what is most of value. Venus in Aquarius brings a sense of beauty through freedom and liberal-minded views. We must learn not to become imprisoned by the prism of our own love-programming. It is in our upbringing that the structures of how we deserve to have love become defined. The relationship between Venus and Saturn in the chart generally indicates to what extent our heart’s loving nature has been stringently conditioned by social expectation and our forced compliance.

It is a fundamental truth, spiritual love has no bounds. It must be allowed to dance freely both within us and in all that is around us. Constrained love is not true love. To become true it must be allowed to flower to its maturity, as we too are allowed to dance freely alongside it. Only here, without fear or worry, do we mature in our understanding that to continue this eternal dance with love we must also tend to the responsibilities of our heart, whose only mission is for us to stay creative, wild and free.

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  6. Women are probably more oppressive to their partners thru jealousy and envy than men. As a woman with venus in Aquarius, I see more women who block the flow of love in it communal form than men. Women tend to shut their own selves up in armor along with their partner. Narrowing their world to the very margins of their relationship.