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The VENUS/SATURN Archetype

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For some individuals, the heart can be a lonely hunter.

Its desperate hunger for someone to hold; to fill the gaping hole for affection left inside by some ‘affection-economical’ parent; its longing to ignite a long-extinguished fire, perhaps with a love they sorely crave but have scant memories of ever feeling, make for a challenging karmic affliction to overcome in this life Time.

Such is the case of the Venus/Saturn kind, epitomised clearly in the lives of those who bear its aspects, but must clearly in the conjunction.

These are the archetypal hard-of-hearts, who sooner or later might suspect that theirs is a journey which takes them up a steep and arduous road to find love and affection the hard way. Through a serious of terrifying losses, they will learn that nothing is worth worrying about, and some day cease to trade the precious essence of their creative spirit for the things that matter little to the true longings of their heart.

Along the way, they will perhaps discover that the more effort and struggle they apply to attain the worldly possessions to afford love, whether through romantic pursuits or garnering material wealth, the greater too the feelings of isolation, separation and despair is felt within. Or they may turn out quite the opposite, where they become the object of some other lonely heart’s affection, which they will string along for everything they got, while they delinquently hold out the one thing their beloved really strives for – a moment of true, warm appreciation.

Usually there is a little, if not lot of both.

The Venus/Saturn heart may crave love so badly that their craving makes them invest in anything that promises to bring it to them. The magnetic desire nature of Venus always finds a way to attract the kind of beauty that this individual seeks. Whilst they can manifest their object, the spiritual enjoyment that comes from it somewhat eludes them. The fear-based forces of Saturn, imposed during a formative period in their lives, continues to act as a psychological barrier between the thing they fancy and how they may wish to enjoy it.

If they should find a partner, there are usually some karmic strings attached. Something must always to be done in order to sustain the love interest. There is a creeping fear that the soul’s own effections aren’t enough, that the affair must meet certain conditions if it is going to last. This sense of obligation, guilt, shame or anxiety about losing what one cherishes but does not deserve forces any relationship to become characterised as a conditional exchange of a practical service or material supply in order to exist, let alone survive. Hence it becomes defined along pragmatic lines – it is not based on freedom to enjoy, but duty for security.

As such, the individual becomes ever prolific at spinning their unique strand of fine silk, making the sweetest honey, being the model purveyor of beauty, prestige, sexual allure, status, apparently, whilst deep inside the hungry heart becomes ever more desperate in its tender yearning to be held.

The remedy (and perhaps cure) to this, as with all Venus/Saturn types, is to transcend the Saturnian limitations imposed early in life by the ‘parent voice’. She must learn that spiritual satisfaction is not a thing to be bargained. It can only be found when she comes to the present-tense awareness that she must let go of her worries and fears about imagined losses and inadequacies, usually instilled into her survival-mind programming as a young child. She comes to learn that her enormous power to manifest her desires into physical reality come often weighed down by the negative auspices of loss. Venus’s power of attraction bring exactly whatever is mixed into its intention. Where there is fear, Venus’ powerful magnetic rays become burdened by negative aspersions, which in time also manifest costs and losses.

In the karmic workshop she is encouraged to develop faith and trust that her heart can be appeased if only she ceases to feel unworthy or inadequate of being loved upon her merits, or only if he meets up to certain criteria. Her choices and tastes need not be held under the scrutiny of ‘others’, or what ‘society’ expects them to be. She must learn not to worry what the inner parent voice might have to say about how she decides to satisfy herself. Here, and this may be through several failed relationships that leave her desolate and lonely, she learns to rise above the ingrained psychological barriers on her affections. She will either come to the sweet realisation that to have is to enjoy without having to hold, or she must choose to forfeit joy altogether, focusing solely on her work or dedicated career.

Some of the most successful, yet emotionally isolated people in the world become so because their incessant greed to feed a hunger which can never be satisfied never rises above the limited constraints of the 3-dimensional world. Although they are able to weave treads of desire into looms of great matter, their hearts remain stuck in the prism, operating at a level which is trying to qualify along outdated, superstitious, immature or expired values and expectations. These successes appeal only to the very people he comes to despise for their limited or cheap sense of taste.

Once she discovers that the only truly satisfying glories in the hard-won struggle against inner torment and dread of loneliness lies in generating a love, beauty and art that is fresh, groundbreaking and stunningly creative, they devote themselves to a life of manifesting beauty and joy purely for the sake of sharing – letting go.

Therein lies the key to their joy, love and ultimate spiritual appeasement.

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Here are some Venus conjunct Saturn individuals.

Donald Trump
Kurt Cobain
Bill Gates
Nicolas Cage
Edgar Cayce
Marie Curie
Sathya Sai Baba
George Washington
Benicio Del Toro
Javier Bardem
Thomas Edison
Chuck Norris
Mickey Rourke
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Genghis Khan
Ice Cube
Lauryn Hill
James Spader
Christopher Columbus
Annie Lennox
Jamie Oliver
Alexander McQueen
Claude Monet
Lord Byron
Steffi Graf
Ray Liotta
Jonah Hill
Rudolf Nureyev
Martin Heidegger
John Galliano
Martin Luther
Harvey Keitel
Reinhard Heydrich
Alexander Dumas
Tennessee Williams
Timothy McVeigh
Alan Arkin

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  1. Dear Ang, today I wrote my Finally and New love exactly this, I felt understood in tears, got the insights at 54, hè is older and genereus… I Finally stood up against the (inner) parent and although in fear shame and guild Proud that I had the courage to do So, woke up in the middel of the night for my clock is still India, Where I Finally creatie my 28 years developing dream of an astrological movie with my New love as co producer I love to wake up and read your meditations in sulence and sleep them over, and your words are liberating my feelings and off course I mourn and realise the lonely heart today for the first night back on my Amsterdam attic By myself How easy to step into that emotionsl isolation, cosy independent modern childless Amsterdam artist wolfy wild and even desired By many that step in the Timeless pirate free zone iT give But tears And sadness hardly shared I surrender to the king of cups, maybe clubs as Well…. I am astrologer too, But Always forget this Venus conjunct saturn constellation and You come Just Right on top of iT remembering me oh Magician You are, Welcome in the midst of night on my Amsterdam attic for support and wisdom Ang. Thank You from my sleepy dutch on a phone 😢☺️🤗

  2. Taking it all in Ang..
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