CERES in AQUARIUS: Cold Comfort

Between Mars’ testoster-zone and Jupiter’s ‘high-vibing’ buddha-field lies the Asteroid Belt. Here, orbits a myriad of asteroids – single goddesses, all ambivalently in need of a man, yet also seeking the wisdom and integrative certitude of some greater moral code. (Sounds like Ubud, right?)

In this rather extensive ‘open region’ orbits the largest of these asteroids, Ceres, the Earth’s ‘Mother Goddess’. Although not a fully-fledged planet, her archetypal influence in our charts is massive, made most significant since she was first discovered on 1 January 1801. In fact, like Pluto and Eris, her status has been upgraded to that of ‘dwarf planet’.

Being the divinity of environmental matters, agriculture & gardening, nurturance & nutrition, motherly-attachments & dependency, abandonment & abduction, loss & grief, she seeks only to take care, especially of her daughter Persephone, with whom her mythology and cult are inextricably linked.

Ceres was recently involved in a multiple conjunction with Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto (Jan 13, 2020), an ultra-rare yet potent event which sees her colluding with her own father (Saturn) and her brother and weirdly rapist son-in-law (Pluto). The stories that will emerge from this event will fill my entire playbook for another 20 years, and of course, we have already started to discuss the aftermath in our fortnightly #CosmicBus talks.

As Ceres enters 00°♒00′ Aquarius, she is now precisely at the spot where Jupiter/Saturn will conjunct later this year, launching our earth into a new Great Cycle. Aquarius is cold. Emotionally icy and sentimentally sterile.

As in a clinical laboratory, the kind of nurturing and fertility done here is in test tubes by geeky, observatorial types with white coats and tablets. They care, but it’s for the greater benefit of scientific progress. They are the kind who sit outside the crying baby’s room, monitoring how long (hh:mm:ss) the child will take to eventually cease hollering because it has finally detached itself from feelings of abandonment.

Observe. Take a good long look at what you’re attached to in this world. One way or another, you will soon be cut off; shut down; locked out; abandoned; etc, from any earthly thing to which you have grown umbilically attached (or what has attached itself to you in any way that is sentimentally unhealthy or toxically dependent). The cut will be clean, clinical, precise and though you may forever feel the aftermath of emotional dissonance and dissociation, you will learn to cope.
We are going somewhere with this experiment…