“Pan-demon-ium”, the unleashed demons of the goat-god Pan who, like a nightmare, evoked the deepest, darkest elements of the human psyche, inducing spontaneous fright and irrational behaviour in people. When Pan did crazy shit out in the woodlands, he caused herds to stampede.

The word ‘Pandemic’ also comes from the word ‘pan’- “all” and the word ‘demos’- “the people”. In Greek, pandemic literally means that which spreads wide over the whole population.

The Capricorn MOON will soon approach MARS, PALLAS and JUPITER, currently hovering over the exact degrees opposite the Jan 11 Lunar Eclipse, which spawned the seed of this pandemic.

The volatility of the transiting Moon/Mars over this point triggers something we have not yet seen along these goatish crags of Capricornia.

A perfect time to keep it together. If you’ve been hoarding and feel sheepishly bloated, it’s best you avoid the herd.