Planets Entering Retrograde Zones

Although all planets are currently direct, by this time next month (Mar 3) all except Uranus will all have entered their respective retrograde shadow zones (with exception of Venus and Mars who don’t retrograde till later this year).

The next couple of months could progressively become more and more turbulent, hence critical with regards to the kinds of choices you make in how you think, act, be.

You are processing a lot right now because on every level you know that you will have to revisit, reconsider and relive the consequences of your thoughts and actions. Trust the stars, there will be consequences (and big lessons) for everything you set yourself up for now.

No use in ‘hoping’ things will turn out best if you are not prepared to lay down some ‘plans’ of how you intend to navigate through this very surreal state of affairs. Your eco-nomics (“household management”) depends on it.

In the affairs of the heart, do not place your hopes & fears squarely upon others, especially if you intend to hold them accountable for your current situation. Blaming others for your pain and hardships only invites them to hurt and disappoint you a second, even third time – at least in your mind and in the not-too-distant future.

Have a plan that allows room for the forgiveness and cooperation of others.