In Greek mythology, ARES (Mars), god of war, had two sons, DEIMOS and PHOBOS – menacing twins who flanked their father when he rode his chariot into conflict. When Deimos gnashed his teeth, he was the personification of dread and terror, while his brother Phobos aimed his spear, invoking panic, chase and rout. Their mother APHRODITE (Venus) also instilled in her sons the fear of losing those things held precious.

These are the spirits (daimones) we conjure under threat when our fight-or-flight mechanism, down in our sacral region, becomes triggered. Our whole complexion changes.

Pandemonium rises on middle earth now as Mars nears Athena/ Jupiter/ Pluto/ Saturn.

You are being called to action, summoned to wear the mask of fear and panic, to fend for yourself and your kind. If you engage, you must act according to whatever defensive, divisive strategy is outlined for you, or be prepared to let go of everything and retreat to a safe, familiar place.

If you’re wondering why you’re losing all hope lately, it’s probably because most of your thoughts are being consumed by fear and panic and you are psyching yourself up to meet the auguries of war. There are no choices in Saturn’s linear 3D universe. It’s either fall back in line or suffer.

But we all know.
We are aware of higher dimensional fields and how to step into those. We are able to rise above, bring ourselves into the present (be aware, informed, enlightened) and not play into madness and mayhem of darkness and ignorance. Being mindful means seeing, hearing and acting according to the angelic messages coming from a much higher place – the heart/higher mind centres.

Acting from a place of understanding, love and compassion grants us certain immunity from the turmoil and fracas that threatens to go on, both within and without.
Be still. Rest assured. You will not don the ugly face of fear.
You are most capable to handle everything.
Anything that comes.
With love xx.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♂ ∗ ☉/♆
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