Postcards from Saturn/Pluto


Thank you to all those people who have sent such lovely messages to show their support for the uncontrollable holocaust currently in Australia. I’m sorry If I cannot respond to all of you, but let me report here that Melbourne is currently far from any fires. The situation over this entire continent, however, is worsening by the day.

We are really in a most perplexing state since it is obvious to everyone but this country’s ‘leaders’ that decades of deliberately messing with nature by damming up rivers, selling off lakes and precious water reserves to corporate agriculturists, turning the ground and its forest into a free-for-all for mining companies and NOT listening to the indigenous peoples of this land on how to manage breaks has gradually created this macabre, irrevocable situation.

This country will never be the same again. It is simply becoming completely trashed.

Earlier this year (my year starts on March 21) I decided to leave this country and travelled to other lands. Same story everywhere, pollution, corruption, exploitation and outright theft. The current system of government elects only those who promise to allow big industry to keep ravaging the land, screwing its people. It’s damned obvious but people, for the most part, are so self-absorbed, so greedy and could care less. They’re not dumb, they’re just acting that way. It’s easier to be ignorant. Until it affects them personally, at which point they suddenly become the wisest monkeys in the trees, jump out in anger and start braying for the head of a token politician.

We’re at the end. This is the finale to 200 years of the industrial age. We got all ‘industrious’ and we stripped this earth of all its natural resources. Dumped our crap in the sea. Burned off what we don’t need.

What you are now witnessing is the finishing touches in the devastation of the 3D world. We, who are alive today (all of us) have somehow assisted in making history. We are complicit in the madness that seems to imply that we can keep spinning the same nonsense and come out with a perfectly sensible solution for ourselves. We are the experts who know everything.

The Saturn/Pluto/Ceres lunar eclipse is only days away. Multiple synodic eclipses like this are super-rare. Their effects creep up on us over years, not just months. Don’t try to predict what’s happening based on what you see now. Look into the root of all this madness. Ask yourself where did it all begin and how many generations of your ancestors have either sacrificed their lives and sanity or willfully signed up to sell out our basic human right to live a peaceful, contented life here. Ask what we’re going to hand to our children, and how will history remember of all this… and us.

We live in interesting times, my friends…

[This was the areal view of the city yesterday. Smoke was reportedly coming from Tasmania, 400 miles away] — in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.