SUN/PLUTO – The Living Being of Power and Transformation

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It's been going on since 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, and shall continue till Jan 2024. Each year, as the transiting Sun passes in front of this distant, dark overlord, a new cycle of transformation and growth begins to teach us about power in a certain area of our lives. This slow, tedious process is usually ushered in by a certain someone - a seasonal change agent as it were - who is somehow present in our lives. It is usually through the application of wilful authority, obsessive power, particular secrecy in motives and designs, with possibly a ruthlessness of hand, both within themselves and and others that we experience power and control.

It is through an entanglement with someone who fascinates us, or is perhaps fascinated by us can bring up all kinds of intense episodes, as disturbing as they are delicious. Through the course of this little 12-month dance we come to learn about power - our desire to transform something about our lives in a radical way, to eradicate old patterns of behaviour which no longer serve our best interests, usually through a gruelling process. During the critical times of this transformation cycle, things flare out into pressing, sometimes gruesome power struggles which may confront our insistence to hang on to old, outgrown ways of life, destructive behavioural patterns or toxic addictions:

  • ☉ ☌ ♇ - Jan 11  2019 (beginning of fresh cycle, new agent enters)
  • ☉ ∗ ♇ - Mar 13  2019 (integration of ideas which may lead to change)
  • ☉ □ ♇ - Apr 13 2019 (crisis in action, refusal to change, old way is challenged)
  • ☉ △ ♇ - May 14  2019 (understanding)
  • ☉ ☍ ♇ - Jul 14  2019 (breakdown, separation from agent)
  • ☉ △ ♇ - Sep 13  2019 (openness to change, acceptance of help)
  • ☉ □ ♇ - Oct 14  2019 (crisis in awareness, pressure to break away)
  • ☉ ∗ ♇ - Nov 13  2019 (debrief, reintegration of ideas, openness to new agents)
  • ☉ ☌ ♇ - Jan 13  2020 (fresh cycle begins at higher evolutionary level, new agent enters)

Those with whom we become involved with now are here to help us to "let go". If we refuse, we are often forced to endure some kind of suffering, since their presence pushes us to open up about previously hidden or forgotten inner traumas.

Like the picking of a scabbed-over sore, the impact of individuals with whom we bring into our intimate lives now act now go to work to break down and eliminate, bringing old, dormant issues to the surface. One way or another, they have the power to excoriate away the dead skin in order to expose the core essence of our inner being, thus allowing a more true, spontaneous sense of creativity, joy, and freedom to emerge to the surface.

Whilst not always comfortable, sometimes damned oppressive and controlling, the effect of individuals who come into our lives around this time is to help us to explore the kind of spontaneous energy flow we may have innately brought into this world, but was previously hidden. Traits that may have emerged before the weight of the world (particularly imposed by the patriarchal parent /Capricorn element) crushed our spirit via strict cultural controls or the threats of terror and karmic atrocity.

Each year, by the end of each Sun/Pluto cycle, we have a chance to experience a higher resonance of our essential nature and start to express our own power. This is the evolutionary cycle of our own self-empowerment.

Consider those who feature strongly in our lives at the moment as here to perform a kind of spirit exorcism or psychic surgery - a process where some part of our karmic selves becomes removed or radically transformed.

Though not necessarily a 'walk in the park', the allure of the intensity of the affair, coupled with its sheer, overwhelming pressure has its special moments, punctuated by extreme highs and lows that take us to new heights and lows in our voyage to greater self-connectedness.

As transiting Saturn also approaches Pluto (2020), these next two cycles will not only be the most intense, but the changes affecting the entire status quo of humanity will reach phenomenal new depths in understanding how we are all somehow passing through a collective evolution together. Through the journey of understanding how institutional power is administered, we can evolve as a socially connected species.

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