Setting an Intention: Harnessing the Creative Power of the New Moon

[art: naoto-hattori]
As human beings we conduct ceremonies to help us process emotions evoked (and stored in our cellular memory) during moments of great joy, excitement, grief and trauma. We hold ceremony so that we may honour these big moments, and so make pledge not to carry those feelings around with us forever – feelings which often drag us away from the present and distract or deny us from staying true to our best possible selves.

If you believe in the power of ritual to mark a special event, then each NEW MOON is a divine opportunity to bring in the jewels and treasures of infinite abundance into your life. What is it that you want most in your life? A new relationship, better health, a brand new image, a better job, an exotic holiday, greater career opportunities, to resolve some problem in your life,  a spiritual awakening, a brilliant mind, greater communication skills, universal abundance, a more peaceful world – it?

Attaining any of this starts with you setting an strong, pure, conscious intention. If you can dream it in the higher dimensions, then you can see its potential in the present, and if you can see it and feel it as a real possibility for you in this life, then you can surely manifest your desire into your own, 3D experience of ‘reality’.

Your meditation leading up to (and especially) the New Moon can become a powerful method or device by which you can consciously repair, rebuild or start afresh any objectives. It is a perfect time to build upon any broken-down mental and emotional pathways. Solar and Lunar energies combine at New Moon, and the energies merging within your personal life not only require you to set a clear, conscious-minded intention (☉), but these must be 100% aligned with the charge embedded in your unconscious, emotional body (☽).

At New Moon, the Sun (conscious mind) transmits particular information (according to the Sign and aspects to the lunation) which aligns precisely with what the Moon (emotional body) is asking to receive. Your emotional acceptance allows you formulate and conceive your purposeful intention. The higher the resonance of your emotional field, the more consciously attuned it will be with the Solar purpose. The combination of these two stellar bodies charges your entire being with a wholehearted energetic field that whatsoever you attract, you will also receive – exactly as you so desire.

So, be careful what you wish for.

The conscious thoughts which most strongly resonate with your innermost feelings will come to manifest into your world, furnishing you with the new experience that you desire to have. You may have the greatest intention in mind, but if emotionally you are filled with doubts, fears and negativity, these too will be included in what is coming to you. Often, we unwittingly conjure exactly what we don’t want, or rather, we end up the situation we dread most. This is because we fail to be in mind/body alignment with our intention.

Be mindful of one thing: Wherever you place your conscious attention, your unconscious emotions must also be also in alignment. The longer you can sustain this alignment, the greater the possibility that your thoughts and dreams will manifest into matter. So tune in to what you desire for your future.

At New Moon,
Sit somewhere peaceful.
Purposely, begin to deeply breathe your Self back into your centre.
Feel your mind and spirit come together, in complete alignment with your upright body,
just as the Earth & Moon & Sun have each become aligned
to the vast, infinitely starry heavens above.
Bring your being into complete stillness…
Allow yourself to sit, allowing spirit to reach you, help you formulate a clear intention upon what your heart & soul deeply designs for you.
Accept that you must soon launch into action, follow through with the intent
into the area that does most strongly resonate
through you,
for you,
and all around you.

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