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Taurus/Taurus Rising ~ New Moon Intention for December 7

[art: giovanni auriemma]
[art: giovanni auriemma]
As strong as your urge may be to connect to others and form new and exciting bonds, there are certain blockages that you may be encountering lately. These are possibly connected to either unresolved legal or karmic ties to the past. You may have set yourself up for disappointment when it comes to your ideals about the future, which is very important to you on an emotional level, but not if the only impetus to dream about tomorrow is to escape or avoid the guilt and obligations of the past. You need to find new ways to connect that aren’t filled with psychic entanglements.

‘Build faith in trusting the other very intimately’

I must be willing to accept that my success or failure is a direct reward or consequence of my earnest effort to build trustworthy sense of devotion to another.

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I have the discerning power to reject or deny all spurious contacts and unrealistic dreams from blemishing or undermining my true commitments.

I will acknowledge that my own personal growth and freedom to express myself creatively derives all satisfaction from how I can best be of benefit to others.
I must not falsely insulate myself by completely avoiding all demands upon my resources or time. I will learn to remove fear and paranoia about others’ true intent by carefully questioning their motives.
I must believe that I have exceptional knowledge about certain things, know their true worth so I can market these more freely to anyone who can to afford them.
I can grow through helping others solve problems that lie in my area of expertise.
I aim  to make the even the most subtle terms and conditions clear in my dealings.
I must broker any currency exchange at the start of the agreement.
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