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Aries/Aries Rising ~ New Moon Intention for December 7

Aries Giovanni Auriemma.
[art: giovanni auriemma]
Whilst you’re totally up for pondering and integrating any new knowledge with those things you already know, you don’t want messy things like feelings and empathy to get in the way of the big job that has to be done. The holy fight that has to be fought on principle, the sacred conquest that must be won for truth is important. However, be mindful that yours is not the only battle for a cause and you must learn to consider and defend the plight of all others if you are to win your ‘holy war’.

‘Inspire belief through primal ritual and worldly experiences’

My journey towards achieving greater, more meaningful significance in this world will not be undermined by doubt, confusion or uncertainty about who I am and how I fit into this world.

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