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Leo/Leo Rising ~ New Moon Intention for December 7

[art: giovanni auriemma]
[art: giovanni auriemma]
You seek to shine, and shine brightest in however you like to express yourself – through art and song, in your romances, your relationship to the kids and the kid within you. To all this, you may be called upon to sacrifice your own needs and desires for the sake of the partnership or joint ventures, or a sexually transmitted debt. The doused fire of Mars/Neptune in Pisces implies that if you are being asked to guarantee a joint debt or your partners’ personal financial venture, ask the questions, dig deep and trust your instincts. To proceed you must to do so with great compassion and commitment to a much higher cause.

[Restoring Faith through expressing Love & Creativity]

In my courageous effort to explore my true creative gifts & talents more faithfully, I take one step closer to realising my life’s purpose. Although risky, I stand to become most recognised as someone who dared to venture farther to realise their greatest potential.

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