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Virgo/Virgo Rising ~ New Moon Intention for December 7

[art: giovanni auriemma]
[art: giovanni auriemma]
As you dare to journey into the roots of your inner being, you may come face to face with a steadfast selfishness that must be broken up now. Let’s look at this realistically, if indeed it exists:
Perhaps this selfishness is in you, carried over from early childhood patterns of dependency, which you may find yourself projecting into unrealistic expectations onto your partner or relationships in general. Any ideal or dream lover that in truth, no mere mortal can ever match up to can lead you into massive delusions, and for this reason place you in danger of sabotaging your inner sense of security. Stay mindful of your exorbitant expectations and protect yourself against a rejection or let down which may never eventuate.

[Cultivating Confidence through sending down Roots]

I pledge to dig deeper to discover which elements of my early conditioning cause me to withdraw when under pressure, confront the truth about what causes me to evade conflicts, leaving me feeling cut off and isolated from expressing my true self.

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