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Scorpio/Scorpio Rising ~ New Moon Intention for December 7

[art: giovanni auriemma]
[art: giovanni auriemma]

Whilst your natural desire to achieve greater empowerment by accumulating money and resources, or carousing and consorting with those whom you consider to be the embodiment of material success, this lunation makes it particularly relevant to observe just where you might be lead astray in your attitudes of what actually secures you and your entire sense of self worth. There’s no point sacrificing your own self-interests and your entire creative integrity for the sake of meeting up to the values and approvals of others. Nobody is either more or less important than you. You must believe that you are worthy from within, without need to compromise this truth for anyone if you are to convince the world of your inestimable worth.

[Affirming Self-Worth through Honest Self-Appraisal]

I will not allow my desire to attain a sense of security and stability in life to be carried to the point of obsession or desparation.

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