2019: The Year in Preview – An Astrological Synopsis

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Greetings fellow travellers, and welcome to a whole new year ahead!

If 2017 did not offer forewarning that 2018 might be an ‘out-of-the-regular’ year, then let’s accept that last year be a clear sign that 2019 is going to take us into completely foreign terrain.

Yes, our world has well and truly changed. Not ‘changing’, as it were, which was always assumed to be somewhat of a constant through the times. In today’s quantum/digital age, one would easily argue that irrevocable changes to our world are now moving at such an exponentially rate that we are either close to approaching singularity or conversely near the complete disintegration of matter. That may not sound terribly assuring, but let me assure you… it is not meant to. The shaking is set to continue, and (believe it or not) it is in our own best interests.

Indeed, these are end times, and if you don’t understand quantum laws, 2019 will packed with frenetic episodes, energetic jolts of enlightenment, replete with the usual hard knocks and tough-love lessons for you romantics.

Just going on the already mounting evidence of the past few years (political chaos, natural disasters, civil tensions, shootings, wars, scandals, etc.) the world we once knew (pre 2011) is now elevating our consciousness to a level of hyper-awareness of our issues. One may argue that all of this stuff has happened before, but the intelligence streaming through on everything these days is either too much that you want to switch off, or simply too hard to try to comprehend, let alone believe.

Naturally, if issues around you are concerning you, then it is not enough to simply hide out and ‘meditate’ your way into a better world. Sure mindful practices will help, but in the coming months we will be pressed to take some action. If, in review, 2017 & 2018 were years of angry rhetoric and lively debates, 2019 (and 2020) will be years in which our actions speak volumes. This includes our inaction which itself will produce effects like never before.

To the awakened being, it is clear that we are traversing through the landscape a two-tiered existence: Those who are awake enough will start to see that the ‘old’ issues in life can no longer be treated with the same, blinkered, one-track vision anymore. It will also be harder to just tune out and float gently down the mainstream knowing that it cliffs over the falls of certain oblivion.

If 2018 blew shrill whistles that “something was crook in Tallarook”, this year you will get ample pressure to wake up, put your boots on and do something about it.

Treat the past year as a warning that our systems aren’t serving us, and in their efforts to serve themselves, that have done everyone (including themselves) a disservice. The Uranus/Neptune semisquares (2017-2020) lead us all deeper into the rabbit-hole of altered perceptions and soul-shock. There is much we don’t yet understand but as the clouds of confusion make way for the clarity of our intuition, we will be better served by serving our own inner light.

Besides, if passing blame and merely squabbling over our differences over this past year has taught us anything at all, it is that sooner or later we might have to take matters into our hands. Nobody is there to help if we don’t show that we are keen to act for ourselves. In this sense, acting sooner, with a sense of urgency is absolutely imperative.

Naturally this is all just part of a wonderful journey and I’ll be here to assist all the way.  So thank you for joining me and I look forward to seeing you all on the bus (stay tuned).

Here is my 2019 preview with some of the major transits and hot themes to dominate the year:

Jupiter squares Neptune: (Jan, June-Sep)

The frustration on the planet continues to rise, evident immediately in the epidemic of lack of self-discipline and too much self-indulgence and time-wasting. This is seen in the duel between Jupiter and Neptune – both their energies strong since they are each currently in their signs of dignity. The square aspect between them brings out the more negative qualities of the two planets, seen as the worst character traits in may.

The potent dreamworld we’ve created in our lives has become both the source of our highest potential and the cause of our discontent. Strong push from each of these energies to have their way – JUPITER’s excess and NEPTUNE’s escapism – means that they won’t allow us to manifest our vision unless we earnestly and humbly believe it can be true. Since we are filled with a sense of spiritual hubris, practical apathy and a confused ambivalence about everything, our dreams remain just dreams, a wishful world to which we can escape (through fantasies, drugs, perfunctory spiritual practices, delusions of happiness, etc) – a vortex of hypocrisy in which we invest (waste) a lot of energy trying to maintain.

Relationships continue to slide into problems – distortions and misunderstandings on how to handle ourselves in the context of others become more common, our sense of consistency and commitment to anyone or anything questionable, and rising sensitivity to being emotionally abused, gaslighting or taken on a spiritual joyride by false gurus and pseudo messiahs. Nobody human seems suitable through this time and we discover that our misplaced faith in others can become easily trampled. When nobody seems to be honest with us because they, or we, or both are living in some form of a delusion or think everything is either a joke or take things too seriously, our trust in hopes and promises eventually diminishes. You may think that this has already occurred for you in past relationships, but 2019 takes the cake…

[NB] his phenomenon is merely a natural extension of the growing culture of misinformation and exploitation of people’s good will, seen to come undone all throughout 2018 with media platforms and those who use them to sell/promote/inflate their egos.

Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn (2019) and the Eclipses (Jan/Jul)

Meanwhile, during this entire year the baseline frequencies are dominated by a growing sense of austerity. The overwhelming pressure to ‘get real’. Of course, this forced ‘reality’ is all rather subjective and the impression that there is an organised conspiracy of authoritarianism and totalitarian control seems to be  dragging humanity backwards, attempting to impose structures and limitations that become increasingly uncomfortable.

Consequently we build a “Great Wall” around us for protection from those to trying to break in. We add more bricks to the wall at the slightest sign of personal criticism or cultural provocation. Boundaries tighten, rules become more stringent, controls more prevalent until they suffocate individual freedoms. Meanwhile, progress is made in constructing defenses, which further confines us into highly regulated boxes which deny us of our basic humanitarian rights and limits the flow of exchange in ideas and commodities.

The most clever and cunning will exploit any weakness in others to their own advantage. They will find ways to squeeze through wherever there are loopholes in the law. Especially with those in power, their hellbent intent on managing all they sees around them develops into a tight regime to deprive others of their capabilities and choices. This continues to contribute to sociological and ecological disasters which continue to slide in the mud through 2019.

Essentially, we must learn to value nature more than economic growth, emotions more than power, and the development of new growth rather than the collecting of dead wood. Until we work this out, humanity seems destined to slide further and further into “the winter of its discontent. The alchemy lies in our development of a totally new emotional response pattern if we are (at all) to adjust to the higher direction to which our collective souls are called to go according to the evolutionary pull of the Cancerian North Node.

Uranus entering Taurus (March)

Financial and emotional security becomes shaky after March, which only makes us more determined to ground ourselves in things that are solid and reliable. Former, crystallised conflicts in our value systems must be broken if we are to make progress, and whilst the lure of trying to hang onto the safety and security of the past, Uranus will push to lift us out of our lower selves by putting us through circumstances that force awareness of how much our sense of safety and well-being was actually built on false foundations.

Hence, expects dramatic swings between calm serenity and the exciting exploration of new ventures, which may have little or no promise of practical outcome. A sense of “cakeism” – to want to have our cake and eat it too (we like to be married but at the same time want to stay free, or to want a cleaner environment and still want cheap fuel costs, to want to stay connected online but not have our privacy compromised etc.) will slowly pervade our lives. Continued semi-squares to Neptune create greater disillusionment and soul-dissociation – an increasingly sad subculture of many who forfeit the desire of romantic partner and instead choose a life of lonely resentment. This is only the beginning of a long (7 yr) period, where humanity slowly detaches itself from the primary importance it places on the physical side of life.

Saturn sextiles Neptune: (much of the year, exact Jan, Jun, Nov)

Perhaps the great salvation through 2019 is the opportunity to work with the energies of this harmonious aspect by responding to the strong sense of social responsibility and duties we may recognise. A heightened sensitivity to any social roles that require us to step up and perform our duty to the greater universal dream becomes a major component of our motivation – one that should not really be denied.

As always with Neptune, there is the danger of hearing our higher calling and yet fail to actually do anything about it, however ideally this can be overcome by focusing on more deliberate action. As individuals, we can always help by funding those socially active groups whose ideas we can support. As said earlier, this is going to be a difficult choice, given that our trust in groups, conglomerates, gurus and messiahs seems already defrayed, if not shot.

Where the right foundations for future action are presented, strategic skills can be exploited in order to achieve those intentions, whether purely personal or socially orientated. Consistency and determination may be better applied where there is organisation characterised by its hard-core realism and achievability. Thanks to Saturn’s caution and push for stability and limitation the Neptunian over-expansiveness can be tempered with projects and ventures to reconstruct a dream that involves happier outcomes for all (without exclusions and victimisations).


The great message for 2019, and in a much more serious sense 2020, is that we must draw the line at impractical and unrealistic living. We need not look so far as the dramatic effects of climate change, the desperate state of our global politics, poor economic resource management and distribution of wealth, or the failing state of governments, churches and corporations to affirm that.

In fact, we don’t even need to look out the window.

Start by taking a look at yourself and the way you are viewing the world through your own particular lens:

Rigid attitudes must dropped one by one. We must slowly learn how to divorce ourselves from any insatiable desire to manage everything around us, find new security in relating our emotions more honestly. If we can learn how to apologise sincerely when we are wrong, not to exploit or seek advantage over others when we’re right, we will eventually see that all of our fears, anxieties, delusions, depressions, dramas and emergencies are nothing more than part of a self-propelled martyr complex which, in truth, bears little relevance to current life circumstances.

Through this year’s transits, we will all slowly open up to a host of new sensitivities. Hopefully these will help us develop a totally new emotional response pattern, allowing us to adjust to the new direction in which our humanity is destined to go. We have a long way to go towards learning to truly care about others without sapping them of their energy. To reach this level, we best work on ourselves until we become a naturally abundant source of spiritual nourishment to those who are starved of any meaning in the lives.

The more we can help others awaken to their soul, the more meaning and fulfilment we will feel in our lives.

Blessings, and have an amazing year xx

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