“WOUNDMATES”: The Healing Power of Chiron-Venus Aspects in Relationships

Image: Alec Kondush, Sculpture: Alexander Milov

When Venus contacts Chiron, individuals may find themselves drawn to relationships that bring healing or artistic inspiration rather than just leading to marriage. These Chiron-Venus aspects grant a unique ability to see beauty in what others do not, finding value in things that are often dismissed by society. Personal values are upheld with great tenacity, and Venusian preoccupations may include philosophical, political, or artistic issues.

“Suffering for our art” means repeating the experience of deep suffering in love in order to heal abandonment and rejection issues that can go back to our relationship with one of our parents, usually of the opposite gender.

Relationships for those with Chiron-Venus aspects can be complex. They are sensitive to disharmony and may become involved in others’ disputes, taking them on personally. These individuals often bring a genuine ability to touch others deeply and help them develop their capacity for relationships. But, they may struggle with an idealised or distorted picture of what relationships should be like, leading to cycles of profound empathy with others, followed by unspeakable rejection, isolation and disappointment.

Relationships are the primary lesson in life for those with Chiron-Venus contacts. They may experience difficulty in the darker side of relating, such as sexual competition, entanglement, and emotional manipulation. They often struggle with trying to navigate the balance between a desire for deep connection and their fear of vulnerability and rejection.

The Chiron-Venus aspect can also make individuals controlling and domineering in their relationships, a hangover from a fear of losing the other person or a need for validation. It can lead to a subtle refusal to compromise, resulting in messy power dynamics in the relationship, with one person feeling more dominant and the other feeling subordinate. Individuals with this placement need to recognise these tendencies and work to overcome them to have healthy relationships. This can involve communicating effectively, practising vulnerability and empathy, and understanding that relationships require compromise and mutual respect.

The quest for those with Chiron-Venus aspects may be to rediscover their need for authentic relationships and reconnect with their capacity for sensual pleasure and art rather than seeking out or living up to images. Chiron-Venus people have a unique ability to touch others deeply and help them develop their capacity for relationships. They can see the beauty in the wounds of others and understand the power of mutual healing.

Woundmates, a term coined to describe those who share similar wounds and are brought together for healing, may resonate with those with Chiron-Venus aspects. These individuals may find themselves drawn to those who have experienced similar pain and trauma, and through this shared experience, they can find deep healing and growth.

Also, note that VENUS/CHIRON is currently (March 3, 2023) semi-squaring SATURN. While we may find ourselves in relationships that bring up unresolved emotional wounds and self-worth issues, this dynamic can activate our deepest insecurities and trigger a need for healing and growth, especially in our romantic connections. As much as this alignment offers a chance for greater empathy and compassion in our relationships, ultimately, with Saturn involved, this can be a moment to confront our karmic hurts, realise that the greatest show of compassion is to let others go, and allow the real healing to begin.

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