Understanding the Sacred Union

The Sacred Union

The true ‘sacred union‘ can only exist between two people. It forms to facilitate completion within any individual through a process of healing and regeneration that two partners may undertake together.

Where there can exist an immediacy in honest, clear communication, a deep physical attraction and a capacity to maintain personal boundaries, then the sacred process can begin.

Since every individual is a soul which takes embodiment in this world in order to grow and learn, the mutual growth of one another undertaken by souls as part of their love is, indeed, a soul relationship, generally agreed upon prior to coming into embodiment.

This is not to be mistaken with the ‘karmic’ relationship, one that is characterised strongly by the emotional entanglements that it tends to lend itself to. Often, the negative emotional patterns played out between two partners generates an ongoing friction and discord when acted out unconsciously (where little of the soul of either participant is in view). In the ‘sacred union’, it is primarily the positive qualities of the soul – those inner qualities of being, that seek and find expression in and through the relationship.

Through this soul-guided form of relationship between two people develops a gentle, loving process of purposeful purification through exercising forgiveness, kindness and compassion towards one another.

This process of purification can be of tremendous help to couples if they share in it together. It is in their unconditional opening that they can both be conscious of the unhealed patterns which they carry and can help each other find alternative ways of dealing with these patterns, other than acting them out.

Open verbal and emotional communication, meditation, and gentle explorative love-making are essential parts of this purification, and so, it is not a matter of just seeking psychological alternatives as the primary means to healing, but of calling upon the higher Self to assist with the lower, as well as calling upon the Universal Self to assist with all.

Our devotion to the greater intent of the universe, and a desire to align one’s personality with the higher Self is necessary in both partners to acknowledge and to form a sacred union. This intention is ultimately the key that will liberate both from embeddedness in the karmic issues of their past.

We are ready to embrace the next level of our evolutionary process together through our relationships…

30483_10150227272090457_602851_nIt is important to choose a partner who is at a similar level of soul development as ourselves. It serves no purpose to expect others to be as equally evolved in consciousness as we are, or to be with someone who is significantly advanced in concepts that we are still struggling to comprehend, let alone live by. Disparities in personal development that were either not seen, overlooked or ignored at the beginning of the affair will eventually wear down the relationship. Constantly waiting for our partner to catch up becomes an exasperating process. 

Over the past 3 years, with Pluto becoming so intensely zapped and accelerated by no less than seven exposing squares by Uranus, any such occurring difficulties that were based on damaged or unhealed portions of one or the other’s personality have not only loomed large in interpersonal affairs but have managed to surface quicker and quicker with every fresh attempt to form a new bond, escalating now to this extreme level of immediate doubt and turmoil in any relationship instantly deemed as being karmic.

The current prevailing standard has become one where if partners in any marriage (or its contemporary equivalent) are not functioning on a soul level, or are not interested in raising their vibration to that level, then they risk missing out on the great learning and joy that could take place.

Of course, individuals might choose to explore their own souls (and that of the universal soul) separately, or prefer to dance from partner to partner more freely in more non-committed relationship models (such as the notoriously vague and ill-defined “open-relationship’). However, flitting from partner to partner ultimately does not allow one to develop depth and maturity in love, as provided in the intensity of honouring the ‘sacred union’. Only here through patience, communication and perseverance can both souls stand to learn more about themselves and about their relationship with the universe than they ever could separately. As they grow to learn together, they foster and encourage the deep inner knowing of love and well-being that exists within each other.

This has not been the case leading up to recent times. Most couples did not come together to know each other at their soul level, and also failed to make their commitment of service to the greater Spirit as part of their union. Most get together for immediate gratification, comfort or security. Unable to take seriously the sacredness or the profound nature of such a commitment, contemporary unions became increasingly based on secular rather than sacred grounds, only demonstrating humanity’s lack of awareness regarding its own identity.

This has contributed to the deterioration of many marriages and relationships, which by the end of 2015 were clearly marked by their dependence upon satisfying a more superficial part of the self, rather than a deeper part.

Those who are still oblivious to their soul nature, still acting from a place of deep unconsciousness, never questioning themselves or the source of their motives will similarly be unconscious about who they attract into their lives or why. They attach based purely on external needs and come to love the exterior of the other person, and come to base their love on those conditions, which in time become expectations. Since the exterior world is always prone to change and loss, expectations sooner or later turn into disappointment. Disappointment leads to pain.

If we simply observe the escalating rate of separation and divorce in our contemporary society, as well as the high turnover in new affairs between partners today, we can see that the jolting effects of the Uranus/Pluto square have taken their severe toll on our unconsciousness over the past 3-4 years.

Pluto, ruler of the underworld has complete claim over the dead, including those living dead – those living among us that are still bound to contracts to which they adhere mindlessly, whether they be cultural or ingrained deeply into family bloodline dynasties. Pluto still beats the drum that creates the slow, unconscious frequency of our karmic beat. Uranus, ruler of the bright blue skies has rained a torrential cavalcade of lightning bolts upon our zombie asses over these past years. The living dead have copped a fair flourish of rude awakenings.

Much has come into our waking presence here, shedding glimpses that we have all but lost touch with the sacred, and come to suspect that we are largely slave to the enormous pull and manipulation of our exterior, secular dependencies, attachments and addictions.

The sacred union will only claim its resurgence here, in our midst, when decisions about forming marriage are based on a deeper, more intrinsic understanding of the spiritual nature of such a union, and also on a more genuine understanding of who it is that one is marrying. Until then, the confusion, the pain, and the challenging dramas that many couples experience is likely to continue, with separation and divorce appearing to be the only solution to remedy the problem of pain.

dancer 223Venus, goddess of love and attraction currently makes a square to Neptune, creating some difficulties in the expressing of emotions, creativity and affections towards others. Part of this difficulty arises from an extreme sensitivity of feelings which cannot be easily integrated in real time. The other main challenge is that of an unrealistic imagination which has a tendency to create escapist private fantasies about love, avoiding facing up to those aspects of life that we dislike or which are too painful.

Unless we make a conscious effort to psychologically cleanse our distorting emotional level, we may discover that our idealised ‘sacred marriage’ lacks a sense of honesty and direct relationship, and the impulse of attraction was founded solely on transient passions, illusions and the personal need to rely on another. This is possible when the ‘love-union’ is between two immature persons, not ready to stand in their own strength and integrity.

As it happens, we see that two mature persons engaging in a mutual dance are becoming ever more cognizant in knowing that they are consciously choosing to come together to appreciate each other in the deepest possible way, and through their love to bring something precious into the world for the benefit of the entire cosmos. It is in this acknowledgement that we begin the dance with one another on angelic realms. When the angel within one, meets the angel within the beloved other, two souls are ready to engage in the cosmic dance of the sacred union, and their marriage will touch the hearts of everyone in the most unique ways.

The true sacred union extends its love far beyond the limits of even the wildest dreams. It creates an aura or a vibe that is blessed with light, a matrix into which others can be awakened, inspired and liberated from the clutches of their own unconsciousness. We are living in exceptionally enlightened times, and as our increased emotional awareness opens us to acknowledge and to honour our own soul, so that our hearts are ready to invite and experience our own sacred union – a marriage that comes from honouring the soul of another and joining together to honour the intent of the greater Spirit.

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  1. Love this! Leaving a marriage as there are family dynasty entanglements and had a beautiful soul love affair and now loving myself and feeling peaceful! Looking with wonder and magic as to what the Universe will Surprise and Delight me with next! Beautiful article!
    Much Gratitude! XxCarol

  2. Thank you. So very true and well formulated. “We are player and instrument at the same time”, as Rilke puts it do beautifully, especially if we are living cnsciously..

  3. ✨Thank you Ang✨

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  5. As long as you aren’t a “Goddess” they can’t be “God”.

    Understand that all is a reflection because THEM IS YOU.

    Much Love and RESPECT

  6. Incredibly articulated, I am so grateful for this guided wisdom on sacred union. Thank you