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CHIRON in ARIES (2018-2027): Unlocking Assertiveness

After spending 7 years in Pisces, Chiron finally shifted into Aries on April 17, 2018. Due to a retrograde in July of 2018, the planetoid briefly returned to Pisces (Sep 25, 2018 – Feb 18, 2019), then remaining in Aries until it finally passes into Taurus in 2027.

This initial transition process will therefore take months to formally complete, since in effect this shift in modalities also coincides with the ingress of Uranus into Taurus during approximately the same period.

Uranus’ gravitational pull on Chiron means that the two bodies have currently been enjoying a sustained near-exact semi-sextile (assisting) aspect since 2009. This cooperative relationship will continue until 2029 and is greatly responsible for the ‘self-help’ explosion that humanity is currently experiencing…

Chiron’s elliptical orbit means that the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus spends more time in Pisces/Aries (8 years) than in opposite signs like Virgo/Libra (2 years). Also, its flight path during this phase crosses over and beyond into Uranus’ (at aphelion) rather than into Saturn’s (perihelion – 1996). The current ‘Uranian’ influence affects Chiron’s general function more as one who acts purveyor of clear, christed-light to humanity.

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During his passage through Pisces (2011-2018) Chiron had slowly awakened us to the invisible, seldom discussed, yet very real pain of feeling excluded, victimised, persecuted and exploited.

As Chiron enters Aries, we shift into being confronted with a very visible, immediately offensive, almost surface-level kind of pain. The feeling of being left out or markedly different from others is immediately obvious.

Aries pain is offensively “in-your-face”. It’s immediate and up front and there is no delay in sensation. Unlike the vague, physically, scientifically or legally impossible to define shame of Pisces, not to mention largely ignored, played-down or minimised effects of Pisces’ shaming wounds, the Aries stuff is blatantly obvious. It’s effects are immediately inflammatory, dispiriting and quickly ignites a need for us to remedy or ‘fix’ the problem, usually by engaging in superficial, reactionary measures and remedies.

Frequent, often-repeated assaults upon the spirit will accumulate – however slight. Ranging from being subjected to rough or crude conduct; hastily made judgements based merely on assumptions; insulting remarks; direct or indirect offensive behaviours based on superficial traits or inherent characteristics become a source for psychological stress and inflammation which builds up cumulatively. These smarting mini-blows are aimed to repetitively hang enough shame to eventually demolish any spirit. Aries in Chiron delivers exclusion or degradation, not with one big blow, but commonly ‘by a thousand paper-cuts’.

Assertiveness against these repeated slights (or the lack thereof) becomes the key issue that needs to be unlocked. Our apparent ability to defend ourselves, to compete or at least show adequate competence in the stakes of age, gender, class, colour, creed, socio-economic or psycho-sexual persuasion etc. becomes the key skill we must learn in order to remedy the pain.

This can generally be compared to the spiritual injury inflicted at the schoolyard bullying level, where harassment on qualities we apparently can’t change brows down upon those mavericks, geeks and weirdos that don’t fit into the in-crowd mould.

In this sense, an overreaction to slight cuts or petty criticisms – whether perceived or outright could lead to volatile reactions and tempestuous wars by those who are left on the fringe. Uranus in Aries/Chiron in Pisces saw these strike as insurgents and single-gun misunderstood incendiaries. Just as developing better boundary discernment was the medicine for the misunderstandings and victimisations of the Chiron in Pisces age, we must now learn to place ourselves in at least an equal place in any dispute.

If the offended individual feels incapable to directly stand up and fend for themselves, a great injury is likely to be inflicted. Rather than to attempt an immediate encounter, the victim lapses into self-inflicted blame, self-identity dilemmas and self-sabotage (passive or active). They shut the world out, blaming themselves and cowering to or affiliating their tyrant. This is similar to Stockholm-Syndrome type tactics, where the weakened hostage entrusts all their power to his/her captor.

Deep within the individual, a wall of silent resentment shuts him/her off from the rest of the world. He/She initially feels besieged, trapped in a world where nobody seems to hear one another, let alone listen. Deeper issues and problems are immediately ignored or relegated to the attention of those on the surface.

The non-rational, more intuitive mind slips into a preoccupation with the autonomously personal, vanity-centred, seemingly superficial matters. Outsiders addressing the individual are both confounded and strangely bemused – is s/he shy, socially inept, autistic… suffering from some anti-social personality disorder.

In Pisces we eventually learned about not playing into our “poor me” victim-saga and developing stronger boundary definition through better discernment. Ultimately, we developed the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. Chiron through Aries will teach us the necessary people skills in order to exercise better assertiveness for our Selves.

Through successive episodes of pain-remedy-pain, of exclusion-re-entry-rejection, of hurt and healing (check your Chiron transits) we develop tools and techniques to lift the damaging shame-wounds and energetic blockages faced in our interpersonal relationships. We learn to temper our unchecked defensiveness, aggressiveness and dependency/mercy of others more dominant than us. We learn more effective tools in assertiveness, conflict resolution and working out problems with others using direct, calm, non-violent communication.

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