powerPluto’s association with narcissistic personalities is undeniable. The charming, magnetic persona; the ruthless, raging drive to succeed at their agenda at all costs; the intense over-estimation of the self; the ability to destroy without any remorse or feeling for others are only some of the classic hallmarks of Plutonian expression.

During Pluto/Uranus transits, these otherwise obscured and controlled traits are exposed when they suddenly (and unpredictably) rise to the fore. It happened during the mid 1930’s with fascism, again in the mid 1960’s with organised crime and bureaucratic corruption, and now again (2012-2024) with extreme fundamentalism and corporatism slowly creeping into government (and vice versa). It takes on many different forms through the ages and cultures, but in essence it is always the same. It is about the individual’s insatiable desire for absolute power over others.

During the 2-3 year period when these planets are in aspect, the personalities who suffer from this disorder (to any extent) become energised and activated for demolition through total domination. It is an important part of nature’s greater social order that these individuals bring down the change, often at great expense to our ‘humanity’.

What is more interesting is the social backlash in response to the rise of these totalitarians. In the 1930’s the world went to war against fascism, the 1960’s there were great public protests against the wiping out of civil rights leaders and the Vietnam War. In the end both were quashed, but not before the entire world experienced a completely radical social revolution. In essence, the reaction is the other side of the coin.

The reaction to this level narcissism is often with an extreme force back. Therefore, those who stand to deliver us from this issue of extreme bullying are often just bigger bullies themselves. What we are finding is that the only way to really snuff out this disorder is to not fuel it. To completely walk away from these maniacs without reacting. Obliterating them from our consciousness is the only way to rise above this horrible social disorder.

What will be the global reaction to the seemingly ruthless bastardry that we are witnessing around us, particularly on a domestic level – especially given the recent injection of enormous blasts of feminine energy into our raising collective consciousness?

We are really only at the beginning of our healing journey with this. Can you feel it?

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  1. I glanced outside as I finished reading, and as always feel grateful for nature and her wisdom. The trees are blowing wildly in the autumnal winds and in their defencelessness, with roots holding firm, they dance.
    It is time for us too, secure in our essence, to dance, ecstatically….yes…feel it. Thank you.

  2. yes I can feel the truth of balance coming, the truth of love, the truth of nurture, nature and inner power getting zapped into us, I especially see how men just do not know how to perceive it or how to handle this incoming flux of homeostasis occurring any suggestions…I try to get men to talk about feelings…this is a start, what do you think,,,i mean feel about

    • Thoroughly agreed. The only two occasions where Pluto(Hades) ever came to the surface without his helmet of invisibility was to commit the unspeakable rape and abduction of Prosepina (Persephone), and to seek the guidance and healing counsel of Chiron. Talking about those awful ugly things that lurk underneath the surface, often about obsessive cravings for power, sex, destruction, others’ resources does help keep them in check… definitely

  3. also u hit the mark with fuel for the fire, our own eyes our own vision, focus, attention gives credence to what we look at we give power to, very ZEN awareness tool here thank YOU so much because I have my Pluto iin LEO and I just crave false power at times…good thing I have so much Pisces and mediation

  4. Correct. Although, we all have some bit of selfishness in us, otherwise we wouldn’t survive. It is a matter of what degree, how much and in what areas. Narcissistic traits exists, with most of us having some minor ones while people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have many. People who have sociopathic behaviors are farther out on the spectrum on getting their needs met at the expense of other people 😉